3 Scents That Will Warm You Up This Winter

fireplace, book, blanket, tea... and other things that these fragrances will remind you of

When Christmas decorations are off and you have no more excuses to procrastinate under your blankets during the workdays (how convenient it is to be born into half-Christian half-Orthodox family and you have all the rights to celebrate Christmas twice), the feeling of uncomfortable cold is crawling back into your life. 

I only love winter when it’s white and snowy, only then it feels magical and able to bring me some sort of the joy and happiness, in all other cases – it just triggers my SAD (seasonal affective disorder, type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern). During these times, I’m more than ever desperately looking for things that can make me feel warm, cosy and add some vibrancy into these long and dark winter days.

I found that perfume really works magic for me when it comes to setting the mood and I picked 3 of my new favourite winter scents, that are just what doctor would prescribe to cope with the winter blues. 

Molton Brown 'Bizzare Brandy'
eau de toilette 100ml - £60

Since we just stepped into the beginning of the new decade, it would be only logical to look back and get inspired by the roaring 20s, era of decadence and wildest pleasures. Bizzare Brandy is the new addition to Molton Brown’s Christmas family. 

The intense notes of aged brandy will warm you up during the long and dark winter evenings and a thrilling swirl of warming ginger and orange, will definitely make you want to get the vinyl player and play some jazz


malin + goetz 'leather'
eau de parfum 50ml - £75

Just like with Molton Brown, Malin + Goetz fragrances became one of my most interesting discoveries of 2019. I knew the brand and loved it for its’ great skincare but never opted for their perfumes before. 

With Leather it was love from the first spritz – it’s a woody, smoky, masculine and feels very intimate, as if it’s undressing you, but still keeping you warm with the notes of sandalwood, lotus, cashmere musk and amber.

… and if you are a fan of infamous Santal 33 by Le Labo, you will instantly recognise the similarity but Leather has slightly more wallet-friendly price tag.

Leather also comes in a travel-friendly roller in the oil formula. Perfect for throwing in your handbag and for refreshing on the go. Apply just a drop to your wrist and pulse points, after it dried up it will have an amazing longevity on skin (6 to 8 hours).

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maison martin margiela replica
'by the fireplace
eau de toilette 100ml - £95

What I love about all REPLICA scents is the story behind each one of them, the special setting that they come with. As if they are moments and memories bottled up, like in Dumbledore’s enchanted Pensieve. 

I love how by just reading the name you can already imagine what to expect from the scent. By The Fireplace is exactly how you imagine it – the comfort of wood crackling in the fireplace while snow falls outside. This setting is evoked by warm and spicy note of clove oil, orange flower, vanilla, and chestnuts. 

The top note is smoky and sweet – like roasting marshmallows over a fire. The middle note is a deep caramel with a little lingering smoke. The base note is a warm vanilla.

This is the ultimate winter scent that makes every evening feel like Christmas Eve. 



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