A Little Break

The past couple of weeks were probably one of the most depressing weeks of my life. I was so excited before London Fashion Week and was so happy to attend at least four days out of 5, but flu had a different plan for me. Eventually, I only attended two days, but I will tell you more about them in my next post. After that, I was simply glued to my bed with a fever, cough, depressed mood, and a complete lack of motivation & inspiration.

At the moment, I’m slowly but steadily trying to get back on a track, brainstorming the ideas for my next looks and posts, as well as the concept for my future Youtube channel (I feel that this will be one of the highlights of 2018 for me).

The next couple of months are promising to be filled with travels and exciting events. One of them is an attendance of annual Calzedonia show in Verona along with other influencers and celebrities, can’t wait to visit that pretty city finally, even if just for a day. As always, we are planning trips for May and June, and I’ve been strongly considering to follow my fan girl’s dream and visit some of the GoT locations in Croatia, but let’s see where my spontaneous decisions will lead us.

Jeans: Paul & Joe | Shoes: Topshop | Coat: Quaint | Bag: Alexander Wang | Top: Zara | Cap: Anna Karerra | Earrings: & Other Stories