The Beauty Products I’ve Tried | January 2017

The Beauty Products I’ve Tried | January 2017

2017 has started with the discovery of new luxurious skincare & haircare products. Innovations, new technologies and formulas – with every product I tried I was surprised how far the beauty industry has evolved. As you’re reading this, scientists in laboratories around the world are racing against the clock to come up with high-tech beauty ingredients and skin-smoothing treatments that promise to change our faces for the better. I was really excited to try the most recent breakthroughs that are really promising.


This little bottle of goodness has become something of a cult beauty product over the last two years. Caudalie hail it as ‘a treatment that smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance.’ It contains grape, rosemary and peppermint oil, that help fight acne and have anti-ageing properties. The scent is really lovely; herbal and slightly minty, it is very calming and has a slight cooling effect on the skin.

The beauty elixir is perfect for feeling refreshed in the middle of a hot day, when you feel tired or after working out.

ARgENTUM Apothecary has created a “mystical and magical” cream that is modeled after the twelve archetypes of Jungian psychology; the creator, sage (the one that I got), caregiver, magician, everyman, ruler, innocent, rebel, explorer, hero, and lover.

I am always a sucker for expensive, luxurious skincare. When I first came across Argentum Apothecary’s La Potion Infinie, I was basically salivating to get my paws on it, especially after reading all the rave reviews about it all over the web. It boasts a 99.5% nature derived ingredients – the star of the cream being Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. La Potion Infinie promises a reduction of breakouts by regulating the skin’s flora, and an increase of the skin’s hydration by carrying 10,000 times its weight in water.

So what makes it so great? It just works! It addresses all skin concerns I can think of in one product. It deeply hydrates, blurs lines and instantly plumps my skin.This lifting effect makes it a great eye and neck cream, as well. In addition to addressing signs of ageing, it prevents breakouts like nothing else I’ve used on my skin.

I know all this sounds like magic, almost too good to be true. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how it does all it does. The ingredient list is great, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would work so well just based on the ingredient list.

For centuries in the Amazon women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest to follow a beauty ritual and prepare a highly potent, restorative oil they call Rahua (ra-wa) – believing it to be the secret to their thick, flowing and lustrously shiny hair.

I started using the shampoo couple of months ago and it’s already my favorite (and I’m on my second bottle now). I truly believe it helped me to get the softness of my hair back after colouring them and also provided me with an extra heat protection.

The shampoo provides a some suds, but you aren’t going to get a full head of bubbles like sulfate-based shampoos. I think it cleans very well though, even with being low on the suds. It rinses clean and leaves my hair feeling clean without being stripped.

The conditioner is very creamy and distributes well through my hair. Some conditioners (especially natural, silicone-free ones) seem to just sink into my hair before I can really distribute it, but I do not have that problem with this one.

Both are made with 100% natural, 100% vegan, certified-organic ingredients that are free of synthetics, parabens, and sulfates, and includes the Omega 9-rich rahua nut oil and fand palo santo oil.

A high-tech yet gentle exfoliating treatment for all skin types. Glycolic acid lifts away dead skin cells without stripping or irritating the skin, while lactic acid promotes cellular regeneration and nourishment. Exfoliating Lotion also detects epidermal pH balance and sebum levels to deliver exfoliation benefits specified to your skin type. It can be used daily to diminish surface spots, reduce discoloration and promote a uniform, healthy and glowing complexion.

Immunocologie is now available in Urban Retreat at Harrods. 

After trying the infamous ‘Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask’ I was really excited to continue trying out the brand’s gems. That Tissue Serum didn’t fail to meet my expectations.  The brand refers to it as their “Little Bottle of Water” as it balances hydration levels in the skin (thanks to rosewater) whilst also easing fine lines and wrinkles thanks to Chlorella.

I don’t actually have any fine lines yet which I feel incredibly grateful for, however dehydration is one of my key concerns. The serum is not tacky at all, in fact it glides on incredibly smoothly and has a very discreet and gentle fragrance (again, something I personally love). It claims to mattify as well as hydrate which is an absolute god send for the serious combination-ers like myself. Whilst I’ve only been using it for a month I can say that my skin has felt calmer and less tight since using it and my t-zone is less oily come 4pm then it usually is.

Dr Sebagh is famous for the products that just work. Yes, the packaging is boring and very ‘clinical-ish’, but every time I read the reviews on the products, all of the people keep saying that their products just work, so in this case, no one really cares about the packaging.

I found this serum to be the best one to use in the mornings, it lays perfectly under foundation and it instantly plumps my skin and makes it really moisturised and brighter. Hyaluronic acid is the hottest ingredient in skincare right now, and it’s even been foreseen that 2017 will be the year of the skincare products that contain Hyaluronic acid (maybe even foundations, who knows?).

It’s a big misconception that hyaluronic acid is an anti-aging ingredient. It may be when it bypasses the epidermis with a needle, but when you apply it topically? It’s not. It may hydrate fine lines to make them slightly less noticeable, but if we’re talking about plumping the skin by stimulating collagen or replacing the HA you’ve lost, then unfortunately, nope—you’re outta luck.

Topically, what hyaluronic acid does do is moisturize. So if you are avoiding hyaluronic acid because it’s typically used in anti-aging products but your skin is still young  – you are making a huge mistake.

An innovative collection featuring Dr. Perricone’s legendary Plasma Technology. Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment A non-rinse dual cleansing treatment and makeup remover that harnesses Micellar and Plasma technology to deeply cleanse, gently exfoliate and condition, leaving skin instantly radiant. Hyalo Plasma Infused with Plasma Technology, this luxurious, oil-free formula harnesses three types of Hyaluronic Acid to impart a visibly hydrated, firm, glass-like surface while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Cold Plasma Eye A drenching, soothing cream-based serum that absorbs quickly and easily to deliver optimal hydration and minimize the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Photo Plasma A uniquely formulated moisturizer with mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 30 that delivers powerful anti-aging benefits while efficiently and effectively protecting against damaging UVA and UVB sun rays and other skin aging aggressors.

Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment was out of my comfort zone as it’s non-rinse (kind of like a micellar water). If you wear make-up this is a good option as your first cleanse as part of double cleanse in the evening. Or simply as a morning cleanse. It doesn’t create a feeling of a tied skin, which sometimes occurs after normal micellar water.

Cold Plasma Eye is a wonderful eye cream that I’m using at night. Even a generous amount absorbs quickly without a trace of residue. It’s the best. It’s worth mentioning this smells a little like fish. I imagine it’s marine collagen or fish oil. What this means is the nutritious ingredients haven’t been diluted to make it smell pretty.

Containing three types of hyaluronic acid Hyalo Plasma works as a serum and is a pleasure to use. It’s a gel consistency that feels concentrated and rich yet lightweight. It’s not sticky and leaves my skin feeling properly hydrated.

Photo Plasma is an intensely rich moisturiser with SPF 30. Whilst it hasn’t been fragranced I think this smells very nice. It really is rich, especially when used in combination with the Hyalo Plasma. If you have dry, dull skin I expect you will love it.  This leaves a nice sheen on the skin which lasts for an hour or two.