The Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

The Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

Dress: Whole9Yards | Bag: Chloe | Shoes: Topshop | Earring: Zara

The invites have landed, now it’s time to find the dress…

The wedding season is in it’s bloom right now and many of us who are invited to the various weddings are facing the same challange: what to wear to the wedding to look beautiful but at the same time not to steal anyone’s attention from the key woman of the day, the bride. I’ve been to a couple weddings in my life and I’ve noticed that not everyone gets how to dress for this occassion, many of the guests came to the wedding wearing their day-to-day cotton dresses and really looked underdressed,  when the wedding bursts with expensive flowers and decorations, you really need to blend in and your look needs ‘to tell’ that you appreciate that you were invited and really care about the event, so you prepared yourself for it as well and made some effort.

I would say the perfect wedding dress is quite closed, so you are not showing too much and can actually celebrate with everyone else and dance in it without being afraid that some of your dance movements will reveal something that doesn’t needs to be seen. The perfect dress should be of a very calm colour, it’s always best to ask the bride or the event organisers what would be the theme of the celebration so you could wear the colour that will perfectly match the shades of flowers and decorations, otherwise if you will wear bright red dress to the pastel-toned wedding, the prographers will probably ask you to stay out of the frame, because you will be that unecessary bright spot that newlyweds won’t be happy with. I know it might be a bit too much and not everything on the wedding should be picture-perfect, but let’s face it, weddings are expensive and this is one of the most special occassions for the newlyweds, and they will really love that you showed some  respect for the colours of the occassion and really thought your look through.

I’ve picked some of my favorites from different brands, and you will most likely find the perfect dress fo you, but they all are super wedding-friendly and of the most popular shades of the nowadays weddings. For additional inspiration, check this Farfetch article that inspired me to create this post:

Let me know what do you think about wedding dress-code, do you always make efforts when you are preparing for your friends wedding or you never take any ‘theme colours’ in consideration? What was the most ridiculours wedding outfit you’ve seen in your life?