Casual Elegance

Casual Elegance

Top: Zara | Culottes: Zara | Shoes: Dune | Bag: J.W. Anderson | Earrings: Monki | Rings: Monki



August is the most popular time for going to various resorts to prolong the summer and get the last tan before the colder months. When packing the bags we always try to think about the appropriate outfits for the places where we are going to and for the occasions, we are getting ready for.¬†Upscale restaurants, resorts and even parties¬†may state the dress code as “casual elegance.” This description is largely up for interpretation, but you definitely know it’s not a tuxedo or floor-length gown. On the flip side, it’s far more formal than flip-flops and a T-shirt. How you interpret a call for casually elegant dress largely depends on where you’re going to wear it.

Finding that golden middle (which is a casual elegance between casual and formal) is somehow very challenging. The one thing you need to remember: you need to look like you made an effort into your appearance but you still look relaxed and not being overdressed. Semi-formal co-ords, pantsuits or smart jumpsuits are perfect for this dress-code, especially when you wear them with smart flat shoes. Solid colours will work better, but you can always play around with the fabrics, shapes and small details, in my case: an interesting detail in front of my top that gives it asymmetry and makes the gives the whole look that modern touch.

It is very easy to not see the difference between business casual and casual elegant, to untwine them from each other you need to remember one rule: elegant requires more flare, you may want to bring out some of the statement jewelry, bolder makeup and dare to show more skin.