This is my second ‘beauty box review’ post and I will dedicate it to October Birchbox. Birchbox introduced me to the world of beauty boxes and since the very first box of mine I knew - it’s not a waste of money - I did find my new must-haves ( such as Beauty Protector oil, Agave oil e.t.c.) and still testing some new interesting brands and their products. They always send you a generous amount of samples, so you can try the products for a few times and actually see the reaction of your skin/hair to it and decide if you need it or not. Sometimes they are being criticised for not sending enough full-sized products, but people probably forgot that the main idea of these boxes is to let you test, not just give out (though, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ for the price I pay, haha). Selection of products in October box was chosen to help women to find their work/life balance. It has 14 days planner inside and really cute lipstick-inspired pen and some products that already in my ‘to buy’ list.

One thing you probably didn’t know about me - I am a huge fan of beauty boxes. These little (sometimes not that little) and relatively cheap boxes were made to help us to discover new beauty products without actually buying them for the full price. I have 2 subscriptions at the moment: Birchbox and LoveLulu box - they both are great and you can be sure that every month you get a few interesting beauty products to try - you won't get any cheap well-known mass-market brands. The recent surprise for me was the news that made their own beauty box that you can pre-order every month. There was a huge buzz around it in september and the boxes were sold out in a couple of days, but I managed to pre-order October one and now I’m definitely going to buy it on a monthly basis and share the contents with you - in case you are still wondering if they worth the money you pay.