I truly can’t imagine more appropriate shoes for Autumn than Chelsea boots. Starting their history in the Victorian ages and having their peak of popularity during the 60’s, they seem to be the most classy model of Autumn shoe. I've made an edit to show you the best Chelsea boots (in my humble opinion, of course) in every price range. My personal favourites are the Givenchy ones that are the cover image to this post. I hope that you will find some gems for yourself  xx chelseabootsunder50

  1. New look £25
  2. Asos £22
  3. Blackfive £31
  4. H&M £25
  5. Topshop £30

How often do you actually want to wake up and go to work or Uni wrapped in your warm and cosy blanket? (In my case, it's every single morning) Imagine if you could do that without getting judgemental looks! Great news - you can. Capes are my favorite trend, they are warm and easy to mix with everything  and they really feel like a blanket when you are wearing them, so one nice cape can definitely boost your mood for the whole day. The only 'NO-NO' rule is - don't even try to wear a shoulder bag with them! As they are a statement item, I would also not recommend mixing printed capes with other bright printed pieces. Stick to basics, less is more. I've prepared a big guide to the world of capes for you guys, with a collection from every price range so you don't have to invest a fortune in a nice trendy cape if you don't want to. Believe me - there are loads of different options out there for every budget. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and that I've managed to find somethign special for you. xx

  1. Topshop £22
  2. BlackFive £17
  3. H&M £30
  4. Bridgat £18
  5. Monia £24