Last year we have visited Switzerland for the first time and made a promise to return there again. We didn’t set any exact date, and it happened so that we managed to come back a year later on 25th of October . I am not going to write much about Montreux in this post- all has been already described here. [caption id="attachment_2078" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset Montreux[/caption] In this post I want to tell more about Bern, but as we have spent more time in Montreux this time, no wonder more details have caught our eye compared with the previous time. [caption id="attachment_2079" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Bern Old Town Bern Old Town[/caption]

Пусть с небольшой задержкой, но вот и обещанный в предыдущей части пост про нашу однодневную поездку в Ронду. Как это часто со мной и бывает, планируя однодневные поездки в другие города, я всегда выбираю локацию в самый последний момент. Благо из центра Малаги путешествовать в соседние жемчужины Андалусии - легко и удобно. Выбирали мы из Марбельи, Севильи и еще из ряда городов, куда так же входила Ронда. Последнюю точку в выборе поставила случайность, буквально за пару дней до нашего отъезда, я наткнулась на прекрасные фотографии Ронды и отзывы туристов, тогда и поняла, что другого выбора и быть не может.


With a slight delay, but here is the post about our one-day trip to Ronda I promised to tell about in the previous part that you can read HERE. As it often happens to me, when planning one-day trips to other cities, I always choose a location in the latest moment. Fortunately, it's easy and convenient to travel from the center of Malaga to the neighboring pearls of Andalusia. We were choosing among Marbella, Sevilla and a number of some other cities, including Ronda. Our final choice was determined eventually, literally several days before our departure, I fell across some amazing photos of Ronda as well as tourists reviews and then I understood that a trip to some other city was out of the question.