Celebrating Women Suits


Suit: JAXKS (Blazer, Pants)* | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Top: H&M

Suits have been on the agenda for several seasons now, but this winter they’re losing the stuffiness of the boardroom and getting eclectic. From retro corduroy to slinky, Seventies-style velvet, they’re statement-making rather than Everyman, and better still, appealingly affordable.

When it comes to how to wear, firstly, forgo a neatly pressed shirt or crewneck underneath. The bravest suit-wearers are ditching tops altogether, wearing their jackets buttoned or belted and with nothing else.

To make my classical pinstripe suit by Jaxks stand out, I paired it with a powder ribbed top and matching ribbon slippers from H&M.






  • these are indeed beautiful suits for women!
    Perfect for NYE!

    xx frank

  • Molly

    I’ve bought a suit to wear for NYE tonight – so excited to be comfortable and not stuck in a tight dress!! Great post. And Happy New Year! Molly x

  • I like your shoes so much and your tatoo! Very stylish as always!