Decorating My Flat With Desenio Prints

When you live in the rented flat, to make it comfortable and cosy might be a huge challenge. You rarely can change the furniture, paint the walls or make any significant changes, that’s why small home decorations are almost the only option you have to add a chic feel to the rooms. I’m obsessed with decorating my flat, all these pillows, throws, flowers and prints literally drive me crazy in a good way. I was really happy when I discovered Desenio, the Swedish born company that sells posters in the most genious way. Navigating Desenio website is a pure pleasure, there are several ways to browse, either by categories including Fashion, Nature, Animals etc or by Desenio Best Sellers or even in Perfect pairs, so you won’t have to think what sizes to buy so the prints will look good together – it’s all been made for you.

You will find the prints in the number of sizes and they all will have matching frames with wooden or metallic finish (the golden ones look fab, but they wouldn’t fit my interior, but maybe in the future…).

When I was choosing my prints, I was browsing Inspiration category  which saved me so much time of calculation and navigation. I fell in love with a couple of inspiration pics and mixed two ideas together. I got 4 prints in total with matching frames and they all arrived in just a couple of days, beautifully wrapped.

If you fancy getting your hands on your own prints then Desenio are offering you an exclusive 25% discount if you purchase prints between 11th August – 14th August 2017. Just nip on over to their site and enter voucher code lolitamas25 when prompted at the checkout. (Not valid on Handpicked/frames)