Farfetch #TheOne Event


A week and a half ago I had an amazing opportunity to attend the most favourite event of mine so far: Farfetch #TheOne. It was an amazing day spent together with Farfetch team and some of my favourite bloggers. I didn’t know where we are going until the last second, we were said that event is going to be held in the rented mansion, however, the location in the invitation wasn’t entirely correct, so we were clueless where we are actually going, which was an exciting part of the whole experience.

When we reached the actual destination, we saw a gorgeous country house (it looked like that from the outside), but when we stepped in, we were shocked by how luxurious and modern it is inside. Such a beautiful mansion with numerous rooms and beautiful interiors, I literally couldn’t stop taking photos of everything around me, because it was so pretty!






We had a proper schedule for a day, and we’ve started from Farfetch presentation about their new campaign #TheOne, which is basically about the ability to find the exact product of your dreams on Farfetch. Afterwards, we had an amazing breakfast and I literally can’t even look at these photos, because I miss it a lot!

photo-28-09-2016-13-43-49 photo-28-09-2016-13-42-12 photo-28-09-2016-13-36-23 photo-28-09-2016-13-35-55

After the breakfast it was finally the time for a little Christmas for all of us – gifts unpacking! We’ve finally got the presents that we’ve chosen from Farfetch beforehand and we all started getting ourselves ready for the upcoming photo shoot with an accessory of our choice. I received an amazing belt by Saint Laurent – it features their infamous ‘YSL’ logo and really fits any outfit I wear! I believe, it is such a timeless piece – because of the size of the logo and width of the belt,  it looks absolutely gorgeous with a formal suit, as well as with baggy jeans and cosy knits.

photo-28-09-2016-11-25-01 photo-28-09-2016-15-51-32 photo-28-09-2016-15-45-31 photo-28-09-2016-15-46-23 photo-28-09-2016-15-46-15

After all of the girls had a photo shoot with their accessories, it was time for the lunch and also for 15 minutes pampering sessions. Manicure, massage and hair styling – we had everything that day to feel ourselves being treated to the maximum.

I am so grateful to Farfetch for giving me an opportunity to enjoy their fabulous events for the second time and also for being so professional and always so nice to the bloggers in overall. Apart from being treating, that day also was really informative and inspiring for me as I got to meet so many successful bloggers who made blogging their full-time job. They  shared their stories, techniques and little tips for the beginners and I never felt happier to be a part of this absolutely amazing community, which is so supportive and helpful.