Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you spent the last couple of days surrounded by our family and loved ones. It almost became a tradition, that we are spending Christmas in London, this year, however, my sister came to visit us. It’s a shame that our hopes for White Christmas haven’t been heard and instead of snow, we just witness rain every single day. In my mind, I’m already somewhere in Zermatt, where we are heading to at the end of the month. I just can’t wait to ski for the first time and play in the snow, in the REAL snow and not just one that melts in 3, 2, 1.. And my dreams really inspired me for this look and I’m sure Elza would be jealous of it.

Foreseeing the question you might have, this is a faux fur cape, but I can tell you, it feels just like the real one! This cape is a gorgeous masterpiece by Emma Brewin, I recommend you to check out her collection, especially the faux fur hats which are her signature and been rocked by many celebrities, including Rihanna (shall I just stop here?).

Talking about the hats, not so long ago I’ve discovered @annakarerra.accessories Instagram page and was overwhelmed by the amount of baker boy caps designs, they even do them with shearling fur! I knew that I had to get myself one, but the choice was really really hard. I went for the universal dark grey wool cap with a patent detail and already looking for another one. Her caps look so expensive (even though the price point is very affordable) and the quality is just on another level. So, if you are looking for the cap that no one else will have, head to their Instagram page to see all of the options!

Cape: Emma Brewin | Shoes: PROF | Bag: Alexander Wang | Jumper: H&M | Skort: Zara | Earring: &Other Stories | Cap: Anna Karerra