Game Changer


Coat: I Am Studio* | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Bag: Gucci | Top: H&M | Photos: Anna Sandul

The last couple of months has been extremely busy and somewhat life changing for me. I’ve met so many people that gave me so much experience, both negative and positive, that I’m still trying to process everything.

One thing I learned very well – if the job you do genuinely depress you and people you work with intentionally or not bully you – there is no way to spend more of your precious time on that job and these people. There are some situations in your life when it’s good to be selfish, and many of us are scared of that because it’s not a universal norm. From my experience, it’s better to be selfish and do what is better for yourself and the people you love, rather than pleasing someone who underestimates you.

I’m grateful to the universe and my beloved friends and family for everything, at the moment I’m the happiest person in the world, because finally my hobby more than ever is ready to become my full-time job.  I am one lucky girl. And I do not take it for granted.

That outfit is probably my upgraded and modernised version of the outfit I posted two years ago here. I still love the combination of powder pink and grey, but since I posted ‘Love Potion’ I started wearing more minimalist shapes and unusual cut. That coat by emerging Russian brand I Am Studio received an enormous amount of compliments already, and they are coming not only from girls but boys, too. I love the idea of ‘transformers’ in outerwear: that coat could be worn in 2 different ways (or 3 if you love cropped jackets). The first way is pictured below, but if you remove the first layer with sleeves, you will have a fabulous waistcoat and a separate cropped jacket. The idea of multi-layered coat also gives you extra warmth and comfort.