Hair Makeover with Bernardo Vasconcelos

Hair Makeover with Bernardo Vasconcelos

First of all, now I’m the happiest girl in the world because finally (after the second try) I got the balayage that I wanted. The first time I tried that colouring technique was in Riga, in one of the fanciest salons I could possibly find and I wasn’t happy with the result. Instead of a natural effect that I hoped for, I got raccoon-like lines all over my head. So, I literally lost all of the mine courage to do this again because I was afraid of even worse results.

However, when I found an Instagram account of Bernardo Vasconcelos ( I was astonished by all of the before/after photos and couldn’t believe you could actually achieve that amazing results after just one appointment. Apart from his absolutely hair-inspiring  Instagram page, he is  known for doing Cara Delavigne’s hair and many other celebrities and bloggers. I decided to give balayage another try and reached out to Bernardo to book an appointment with him.

The salon is located on the quiet street in Marylebone, just 3 mins walk from Baker St. underground station. It’s quite small but very stylish.




I finally got rid of my ‘occasionally self-dyed’ hair and got an amazing golden balayage that looks very natural and surely lightens up my whole complexion. I love how smooth are the contrasts and also how not-yellowish are the highlights because that was my main concern when I thought about getting blonder – I didn’t want to look yellow at all.


In the process

The balayage that I got will last up to 5 months without the need to retouch it, however, after bleaching, lighter parts of my hair got significantly drier, so you can already expect a post dedicated to moisturising hair products from me, because I’m ready to try them all.

In overall, I absolutely loved the whole experience and cannot recommend Bernardo more, as he is a true magician when it comes to hair. dsc_0537

The salon is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-7pm. 

Contact number for bookings: +44 7808234565