Look Fantastic beauty box review / November 2014

…aaand Look Fantastic strikes again. Few days ago I received my second beauty box from well-known online retailer ‘Look Fantastic’. I was surprised, once again. The brands and the products in the box pretty much  fulfilled my expectations and I already made an order for December one. It seems like a long-term relationships now between me and these pretty black boxes.

This month’s box filled with 6 beauty products, little leaflet with descriptions of all of them and £10 Voucher for any full-priced product at coggles.com



Price of the Box is £15.00 including P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 6


1. Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream  –  Travel Size 30ml. RRP £7.99

It was the first time when I was introduced to this brand. I’m not a fan of hand creams, I do have a few samples from other boxes, but I only remember to use them, when I put them on the visible place. Next to my laptop, for instance. Or somewhere in my kitchen. The places where you can find me most of the time, haha.

This one is considered to be the best-seller in Boots, according to the stats between 30 October 2013 to 30 June 2014. It contains 19.5% active ingredients that work to improve firmness, smoothness and evenness.

It has a wonderful smell with citrus notes in it and what is the most important, it absorbs super quick, so you will not have any spots left on your clothes and you can touch your hair after 30 seconds without being afraid of making it greasy. You can buy it HERE.


2.  GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment –  Sample Size 15g . Full Size RRP £39.99

As I told you in my previous posts, I’m a massive fan of mud masks. I had this exactly mask in a full-sized jar half a year ago, but as I am allergic to seaweed it didn’t fit my skin.

However, I’ve heard some miraculous things about this product, so I would recommend you to give it a try.

This little tube would probably last me 3-4 times, as you really need a very little amount of the mask to cover your whole face and neck. In 10 minutes you will feel that your skin is burning a bit and tightened – it’s a good sign, it means that the mask is working.

YOUTH MUD became really popular in America, and now it’s a big deal in Europe, too. They say it’s a ’10 minute facial in a jar’ and that your skin is going to be super refreshed and glowing after 3 (!) days after application. Sounds like a serious statement, right?

I have to say, if you have a very sensitive skin – this one is not for you, as it could be a way to abrasive.


3.  Eve Lom Cleanser – Sample Size 30ml. Full Size 100ml RRP £55.00 

To receive a travel size sample of such an expensive brand was a real surprise for me. I know Eve Lom for a long time, I use its’ ‘Rescue Mask’ on a weekly basis and all I can say – it all works, as been promised.

Vogue called this cleanser ‘The best cleanser in the world’, and when Vogue says that – you know you can trust it.


4. Monu Recovery Balm – Sample Size 30ml. Full Size 50ml RRP £22.50

It is always hard for me to choose the right night cream, as I’ve got combination skin and most of the creams make some parts of my face more oily, while leaving the other part dried out. This balm is a problem-solver for me, the texture is very smooth, scent is not sharp and it absorb in a few seconds.

This balm contains peptides to reduce redness and relieve irritations. Evening Primrose and Blackcurrant Seed oil will leave skin feeling balanced and throughly hydrated. And a very pleasant bonus – it’s Paraben Free.



5. New Cid Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint  – Full Size RRP £14.00

I got this Crayon in a very nice Strawberry Souffle shade,  that is going to work for night outs. Most of the tinters are very smooth, but this one is so pigmented, that might already look as a lipstick after couple of layers.

It feels very nourishing on the lips, without any sickness. This crayon might be used as a blusher, lip liner and a lip stick. The fans of multi-functional products – this is your dream came true.


6. NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid – Sample Size 15ml. Full Size 5oml RRP £31.30