Love Lula Beauty Box / February 2015

When our concierge gave me this box, I was surprised by it’s weight, as it was the heaviest beauty box I’ve ever received. The reason was the range of full-sized products that Love Lula team had sent this month to their subscribers. I’ve never received so many full-sized products at once. You can see in the photo below that the range of the brands is very good, though I’ve tried most of them before and the only brand that I never heard of was Lovea. I was so delighted to receive another Madara product, as I completely fell in love with their Detox mask and wanted to try their other products, so this soap came at just the right time. Click ‘continue reading’ below to read my full review.


Price of the Box is £12.50 including P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 5


1. Fair Squared Hand Cream – Olive Oil + Honey. Full size. RRP. £4.50 | BUY HERE |

This is getting so funny, now I actually can supply with the hand creams population of some small country. I think I’m almost ready to start selling my Hand Cream Beauty Box, because the amount of them that I’ve received in the past few months is just insane – my hands were never that soft before. I’ve tried Fair Squared products before, Love Lula have sent me couple of their lip balms before (another beauty box is coming, I’m not kidding) and I really liked their smell and how natural they felt on my lips. However, I can’t say the same about this hand cream, as for me it is too greasy and it’s loosing to other competitors in terms of the fast absorption.  The only thing I like about this cream is it’s relatively low price and a very pleasant smell of honey. So-so.


2. Lovea Guava Body Wash. Full Size - 400ml. RRP. £6.49

2. Lovea Guava Body Wash. Full Size – 400ml. RRP. £6.49 | BUY HERE |

I never thought that I will receive 400ml body wash in one of my beauty boxes. Man, it’s TOO big for a beauty box that was meant to let you TRY it.  May I consider this as a travel size bottle for a giant? However, I can’t complain, at the time when I received the box I was running out of my body wash so it came in handy. I loved everything about it, especially the smell, which is not harsh, but very light, pleasant and sweet. I will probably buy another bottle when I finish this one. Though, considering the size of it, I will buy another one after couple of months.. or years. Recommended.


3. Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream. Full Size – 15ml. RRP £5.95 |BUY HERE|

I almost finished the Skin Blossom tonic that I’ve received in one of the Love Lula boxes before (it was a generous bottle, so it took me a while). I like this award-winning brand for natural ingredients and relatively cheap prices. I haven’t noticed anything special about this Eye Cream, but it works good when it comes to refreshing and calming the skin around the eyes.  Recommended. 


4. REN Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot. Travel Size – 3ml. RRP £36.00 | BUY HERE |

‘A gel-serum that instantly firms, lifts and plumps the skin to leave it looking dramatically smoother, tighter and more youthful. A liquid matrix of Hyaluronans supercharges the skin with firming moisture and encourages elastin synthesis to firm and remodel the skin over time.’

I will be honest – I didn’t use it, as I gave it to my mom. The reason I decided to give it to her is that I don’t like using anti-aging products on my skin, if it was a serum, then I wouldn’t mind, but this exact product is made for firming and I don’t think that at 20 I need to firm anything.

My mother told me that after she’s used it her skin visibly got lifted and more youthful in overall. She recommends it.



5. MADARA Cranberry & Juniper Hand & Body Soap. Full Size. RRP £6.00 | BUY HERE |

As a Branding Student I adore when brands pay additional attention to the details of the packaging, because I fully understand the importance of it and how it improves the whole experience of buying things and it’s crucial role in a purchasing decision process. So, when I started opening this soap I was so excited about how smart and simple at the same time the packaging looked like, but they’ve done a very good job in creating this special experience of unwrapping simple soap, which is probably not better than other £6 soaps in the market, but for me it already is. Apart from the coolest soap packaging in my life, I can say that this soap has an attractive list of natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin in any possible way. It smells divine, too. Recommended.