New In From Vine Vera

As you might remember, I’ve introduced you to Vine Vera skincare a while ago here. Since then, I’ve finished all of the products that I received and noticed the difference in my skin. So when a parcel arrived in my mailbox full of brand new Vine Vera products I had hearts in my eyes.

There’s something about Vine Vera that feels so luxurious and special; the kind of skincare that you save for special occasions and feel like royalty when you use it. To me, using Vine Vera products always feels like such a treat, so I’m so excited to tell you guys about some of the new products that I was lucky enough to receive.

Resveratrol Refining Peeling is designed to gently remove dirt and oils that sit on the surface of the skin. By ridding your skin of this buildup, you will reveal a brighter, more radiant-looking complexion, without stripping your skin of its vital oils and moisture.

What I love about Vine Vera products is instant result. After you tried that peeling for the first time, you see the difference straight away. The skin becomes soft, the skin tone looks much more even, and the whole complexion just glows. The peeling is so light and not scratchy at all and it takes amazing amounts of dead skin and impurities off the face.

Enrich your skin with ingredients like vitamin C derivatives, Resveratrol Ferment extract and pro-vitamin B5 to help moisturise and replenish your appearance. This moisturiser will leave you with a healthier looking complexion.

Having the best skin of your life starts with an advanced assortment of effective, exceptional skincare ingredients, all combined to give your skin everything it needs to look healthy, refined, clarified, and renewed. Vitamin C is one of the exceptional ingredients for skin, which is why many well-known skincare specialists incorporate it into some of their formulas!

Even though Vitamin C is considered to be an anti-aging superstar, it also fights redness and inflammation. It can remove red blotches on the skin and is effective in treating acne and rosacea. So don’t believe the marketing tricks, and don’t be afraid to use Vitamin C skincare product for your skin if you have some of the concerns stated above.

I find this cream amazing for the nighttime, it absorbs quickly (especially after the peeling), and it visibly calms my skin, so in the morning my skin only needs some water-based serum.

Contour Eye Firming is formulated to enrich your skin, leaving it looking soft, plump and firm. The combination of ingredients and vitamins such as Resveratrol (Pichia/ Resveratrol Ferment Extract), Vitamin E and Vitamin A will help improve skin tone and skin texture as well as reduce signs of fatigue and ageing around the eye area. Caffeine is also included in the formula to help with reducing puffiness and dark circles.

This is probably the most luxurious eye creme I’ve ever used. After I had turned 20, I started noticing dark circles under my eyes that are very hard to just cover with a concealer. This eye cream works magic for my eyes, after just a couple of use, I’ve noticed that it visibly reduced the effect of tiredness around my eyes. I also love the smooth texture of the cream, which doesn’t cool or sting the area around my eyes and instantly absorbs into my skin, which makes a process of applying the concealer as a Step 2 much easier and more pleasant.

If you still are not familiar with the brand, I would recommend you to come in to one of their international stores for the advice. The staff there is well trained and will be able to find the product that will fit your needs and will hide and fix you imperfections.


This post is brought to you by Vine Vera.