Powder Hues


Fur Jacket: Urbancode* | Denim: River Island | Boots: Chanel | Top: H&M | Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Hello beautiful people! Hope you already recovered from all the possible food comas and are all set to rock 2017!  Back on track: despite the temptations to stay on the couch all day and do nothing but watch my favourite TV series. But sadly, New Year and Christmas can no longer be used as an excuse for that.

Couple of days ago I broke my camera (to be honest, it broke itself), and these are the last photos we’ve managed to get before the tragedy happened. Luckily, the problem is fixable, but it will still take a couple of weeks for my camera to get back to me, so I want to apologise beforehand if I don’t post that regularly or don’t post any new looks at all.

There is nothing more perfect than this Mongolian fur jacket by Urbancode. Normally, I don’t prefer wearing real fur, but recently I found out that in order to use Mongolian fur in the production, you do not kill any animals and the pieces made of that fur are cruelty-free and very warm. An upper part of the jacket is made of a high-quality faux fur which makes that jacket even more unique. What I love about Urbancode designs is that they blend the original with the contemporary, giving feminine silhouettes, sharp detailing and mixing everyday versatility with covetable glamour that is achingly cool.








  • I have been looking for a jacket like that for SO LONG!!! Adore the styling x


  • I am struggling to get on track for the new year haha! So sorry you broke your camera but at least you got one last great outfit shoot out of it! Love the fur and this chic color palette!

  • Martin Ebner

    I’m sorry to hear about your camera 🙁 At least it went out with a bang with these fantastic shots. As always, a stunning look!!!

  • Luke Ross

    What a beautiful coat, I love how you managed to capture the texture of it – especially in that location. Where is this?


  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    Truly the most amazing fur jacket I’ve ever seen. I love how every photo really highlights the unique colors and the luxurious feel of it. You wear it so well and I will definitely be on the lookout for Urbancode designs.

  • Lejla Dilberovic

    I’m obsessed with your jacket 😍😍 Happy Friday


  • Didn’t know that at all about Mongolian fur. So into this jacket. Sorry to hear about your camera, I know the feeling.

  • That jacket is absolutely stunning!!!
    I LOVE IT.

    x frank

  • Such an amazing jacket, I’m in love!



  • This look is so great ! It’s so simple but this stunning fur makes is look so special !!


  • Eric K

    wow. This jacket has so much style and detail and you are making this jacket look even more beautiful .
    thank you for sharing

  • Natasha Kim

    You looks amazing as always! And the fur is fabolous !