As you probably already know, bloggers receive a lot of new products on a daily basis. It’s really hard sometimes to properly test each and every product we get, but with these hand-picked goodies, it was different. In this post, I’ll share the products that stole my heart from the very first use and I decided to keep using them for 2,5 months to see if they really that good as they were after the first use. Those, who watch my InstagramStories, will recognise most of them, as I’ve been showing them quite a lot in the past months and I really cannot recommend them more. These are really the best products I got to try this Spring.

The idea of a Cleansing Balm is not new at all, by the time I tried the one by Clinique I already had my favorites from Eve Lom and Liz Earle, but ‘Take The Day Off’ really seemed like magic to me. I decided to try it after I ran out my favorite micellar water and decided to go for more traditional ways of taking the makeup off. You need to grab just a bit of balm with your fingertips and spread across the dry face + lips and eyes and with circular movements rub the balm in. The balm will start melt under the warmth of your fingertips and will eventually become an oil, after a minute you can just rinse the balm off with the warm water – you won’t see a sign of the makeup left. Simple as that.


Every time I try a new Fresh mask, I feel so much excitement. Because you never know what would be the formula (remember that jam-like vitamin mask?) and the scent of a new mask. The formula of this mask is more liquid compared with other Fresh masks, you will see there are loads of rose petals in the jar and the rose scent is very strong but pleasant.

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of rose-infused products, I’ve completely changed my mind after I tried Fresh Rose Tonic and this Rose Face Mask. I didn’t expect much from the mask because I felt that natural masks are not really effective, but after the first use, my pores became almost invisible and the tone of the skin was so even and radiant. The best part about this mask – you can use every day, as it only contains natural ingredients that will calm the skin and will make your skin shine like a diamond (or a rose). Even though it’s a little pricey, I would definitely purchase this, as it will last you good 3 months even if you use it daily.


Usually, in my skincare routine toner is not the most important thing and before I found this Fresh Rose Toner, I could even skip this step at all. Of course, the real petals in the bottle caught my attention and I was really curious to try what it will do to my skin. After the first use, I felt instant tightening that disappeared after 2 minutes. I find it amazing to use in the morning when you really want to get that quick boost to your skin and prepare it for the makeup. I use it before moisturiser with SPF, but I will tell you about this in the next paragraph.


4. Origins. A Perfect World Moisturiser & Eye Cream. RRP £34 & £30

You’ve seen this sweet couple already on my Instagram, but I could not skip them in this post, as these are the products I’ve been using religiously in the past 2,5 months. First of all, the moisturiser with SPF40 is a real gold. It has a very thick formula and you’d think that this will make your skin oily and greasy, but the skin soaks it all in seconds. Foundation lays perfectly on top of it and it helps to get that healthy & glowing skin. This is a saviour for the hot days we are experiencing now, so your face won’t burn under the sun and will be protected from pollution and other radicals in the atmosphere. If you live in a big city – please invest in this magical product in the sake of a good and healthy skin. You will never regret your decision.

An eye cream is a perfect companion, it doesn’t crease and concealer is literally glued to it.

I’m always looking for the new brow products that help stimulate the growth. I do have quite thick brows, but they still don’t look full enough and the hairs are quite weak and fall out easily leaving patches that I need to cover with pencils and brow powders. I really had high expectations for Swiss Brows, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I use it before I go to bed, the formula is not sticky at all, you hardly feel any product on your brows. The serum contains active ingredient Redensyl™, an award-winning complex targeting the stem cells that stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. I’ve noticed that brows became thicker, still not really full, but I can see some hairs growing in the parts where they never did (in the tails) and I cannot wait to see the results after a couple more months.

This Glow Shot I received as a gift from a very good friend of mine, who will also open her blog soon, so stay tuned, as she is one of my gurus when it comes to the makeup!

I’ve tried infamous YSL Touche Eclat before, but I wasn’t left satisfied with the results, I felt that there are so many other highlighters for a lower price and a better result, plus the brush that they come with was really inconvenient for me and it usually would leave some strokes on my foundation. With Glow Shot – it’s absolutely different story. There is no brush, so I use fingertips and usually just tap a little bit of highlighter to my skin – the reflection it gives is absolutely insane. NikkieTutorials would be so happy for me, really.

The glow stays for all day, it doesn’t fade or change its colour – which is absolutely amazing, with the time it blends in and gives that beautiful natural glow to your skin, which always looks flattering.


I don’t know how I lived without Matte Shaker before. I know that I’ve got loads of liquid lipsticks, but none of them is even comparable to this. The first second you apply it with that pretty and very unusual applicator you will instantly feel how silky and pleasant the formula is, but then you expect that when it will get matte, you will probably feel how it dries out your lips. This will never happen, this silky feeling will be with you all the time, the matte finish looks absolutely beautiful and in some ways, it also plumps your lips and makes them look more nourished even though the coverage is 100% matte, which is magic!

My colour is called Vintage Beige, which is more on a dark rose side, but I also ordered 5 shades more, because this is an absolutely unbelievable product that every girl who is a fan of matte lipsticks need to try. The only downside it has – it’s not very long-lasting, so prepare to touch up it quite often, but really it does worth it.