The Hero Blazer

Winter layers are my favourite, this is the most exciting time for me, when I get to play with the outerwear and knits and try to keep myself warm in style.

This look has been built around my new bag crush: Copacabana bag by the Georgian brand 0711. The variety of the colours and the shape drive me mad (in a good sense). I went for the burgundy & brown combination with a wide stripe, and it looks even more beautiful that in the pictures. The colours are deep & rich, and the bag is just a pleasure to wear, I’m already considering getting myself a mini version for Spring. Luckily, they come in different sizes and shades, but it’s also the reason why it’s so hard to choose just one.

One of my best Christmas sale picks been this fitted H&M blazer that’s been compared numerous times to the original one by Balenciaga because of the fitted shape and pattern. I love when high-street offers a decent alternative to the high-end highlights of the season. It instantly adds a hint of vintage sophistication to any look, especially when paired with a turtle neck top.

Coat: Mango | Blazer: H&M | Jeans: Dr.Denim | Shoes: Zara | Bag: 0711 | Top: H&M | Earrings & Ring: Jill Hopkins (Use code Lolita15 to get 15% off your purchase)

I’m glad that this season, designers were drawn to the classical pieces and tailoring more than to the sporty vibes. Blazer was the most significant thing this season, and I believe this trend will carry on. For me, a good blazer has always been a hero piece of my wardrobe, I love the twisted uniform vibes and feeling of a modern warrior. They may look like a very simple pieces, but actually their construction is super complicated, they are refined, elegant and unique.

I love wearing most of my blazers with the rolled sleeves, I believe it’s the cooler, more modern way to wear them as it gives them a sportier look. Rolled-down sleeves in most of the cases look too formal and old-fashioned. I absolutely adore men’s blazers, but if I wear one, I always add a belt to create definition at the waist, if the belt if jewelled it can work perfectly for the instant evening look.