7 Beauty Products You Need To Survive This Winter


Winter is coming, and with the cold and wind and snow comes ashy, pale, dry, scaly winter skin.
If you moisturize too much, you risk acne and product build-up. If you don’t moisturize enough, you have dry, itchy skin by the end of the day.
No worries!
Here’s my list of the ten best beauty products for winter, so you can have soft,glowing skin, hair, and soul all winter long!

During colder months it’s not only important to moisturize your skin in order to keep it healthy,  but also pay some attention to the moisture of your hair. VELVET hair oil by Neal & Wolf is a blend of three natural oils: Argan; Avocado and Jojoba, designed to transform rough, unruly hair into the healthy, smooth and nourished hair.

I was introduced to this haircare line in September , and I was so impressed by their shampoo and conditioner, that I really wanted to try everything else from their range. This hair oil is probably one of the best oils I’ve used. It has a very pleasant and not too harsh scent, I usually apply it after washing my hair – it replaces hair masks and makes your hair so much more controllable.

Weather changes can affect the skin resulting in breakouts, dryness & sensitivity.
During the winter months especially, our skin needs extra moisture and protection from environmental aggressors.

Fear not, Indeed Labs have the perfect remedy in the new 10balm soothing cream

An everyday protectant for hands, face, and lips packed full of healing properties, Indeed Labs 10balm is a treatment designed specifically to provide essential nourishment and hydration that can be used on the face or body without leaving a shiny tell-tale residue.

The super silky texture is enriched with ingredients to restore skin back to health and keep all skin types protected during these unpredictable seasonal changes.

One of the Sisley new launches, this Intensive Serum with Tropical Resins is a part of their line ‘Tropical Resins’, which is a skin care routine that is perfect for eliminating excess sebum and associated skin imperfections. In order to provide a global solution to combination and oily skin, Sisley Laboratories have revisited this special line designed to purify the skin, unclog blocked pores, close dilated pores and moisturize the skin.

This Intensive Serum is highly concentrated in purifying active ingredients, is a true SOS formula. It unclogs pores, refines the skin’s texture and visibly diminishes imperfections.

I’ve been using this serum for 14 days already and I can tell that after 7 days imperfections are visibly reduced. It goes well under moisturizing creams and as a primer before foundation. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from oily skin, blemished, clogged and wide pores (like me) and crazy T-Zone area.

As you all know, around 1 month ago I got much blonder which means my hair now are much drier, than before. I promised you that I will make a separate post for the products that are good for fixing you hair after balayage or ombre, but I really wanted to share this masque with you as soon as possible.

Born in the salon, Original & Mineral focuses on freeing hair from stress for optimum health. Formulas remove harsh chemicals wherever possible and instead use deeply conditioning natural ingredients. Housed in chic packaging, Original & Mineral was created with colored hair in mind; active minerals offer real benefits including UV protection and fade prevention.

Developed with a unique and effective blend of Australian native oils, this sweetly scented mask packs a powerful punch of hydration to parched locks. After just one use, hair is silky and beautifully smooth and frizz is eradicated. This mask is a deeply hydrating treatment mask for damaged and dehydrated hair.

When you first open the jar, the product smells like marmalade (saccharine and citrusy) and even looks like marmalade — and this is what gave me pause. I like sweets, but I don’t like sticky masks or creams on my face. As I spread the rich gel on my face, I instantly let out a loud sigh of relief. It was absent of one distinct marmalade-like quality — that dreaded tackiness. It was so smooth and soft on my skin, easy to spread, and thankfully easy to rinse off as well. After I let it sit on my face for about 15 minutes, just a few wipes with a warm washcloth left no trace, and my skin was noticeably glowing.

So why marmalade? Citrus fruits are packed with vitamins — stuff that obviously makes our bodies healthier, and they can have a similar effect on our skin, too.

This mask is made up of 50 percent citrus fruits, including oranges, clementines, and lemons, plus a vitamin fruit complex, a blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B5, lemon and orange extracts, and AHAs. Together they exfoliate the skin to leave it looking brighter, softer, and more glowy. It’s safe to say, this stuff is officially my jam.

6. Eisenberg Paris Hydra-Comfort Trio-Molecular Formula – £142

Eisenberg Beauty is an extremely comprehensive beauty range of mostly skincare and fragrance that’s been around for a fair while (almost 16 years) in various other countries, but for some reason, it’s only arrived in the UK a couple of years ago. In Riga (where I am from), this skincare range is very popular and my mother was singing dithyrambs to their mask and creams, so I was dying to try some of their products.

This cream was a first product that I tried from Eisenberg Paris range and it left me speechless and completely stole my heart. This is the perfect moisturising cream for colder months, it might be a bit too rich for the warmer periods, but when it comes to targeting dry patches – it perfectly battles imperfections.

I use it with my Sisley serum at the moment and they both make an amazing couple that helps me to keep my face clean and nourished. I have a couple of more Eisenberg products that I will review soon, but I can already tell that my relationship with this cream will be long-lasting.

Eisenberg Paris is launching exclusively in Urban Retreat at Harrods at the beginning of December (www.urbanretreat.co.uk)

What is winter if not switching over to seasonal warm beverages, snuggly cashmere and scarves, and a new fragrance that has so many layers of its own? Your summertime scent (usually a lightweight confection of citrus and florals) could always use a vacation until next year. ‘Love’ by Kilian is one of my most favorite scents of all times and it will surely be my leader for the following winter.

Taking inspiration from the marshmallow, this fragrance is a sweet treat for senuous connoisseurs. At first soft and tender, it unfolds into the intensity that graces truly great seductresses. Top notes of glorious neroli, at the heart of the fragrance, sambac jasmine and warm rose and iris peaking in the embrace of vanilla and musk. Treat yourself this winter and fall in love with the world of Kilian fragrances, just like I did.

Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of these products already and what are your must-haves for the colder months when it comes to beauty products?