9 Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe | AW 2015 | Part 1

Just by the time of your fall/winter shopping, I’ve decided to write an article about 9 colours that you need to have in your wardrobe to be fully ready for autumn/winter season 2015/16. The colours were announced by Pantone Institute earlier this year, and they really reflect what we have in AW collections today in stores. I hope this will be helpful and informative enough. I’ve decided to split the article into 2 parts, so today I will show you 5 edits, and next week I’ll post another 4. Let me know what do you think in the comments section below.

While the olive green coloring of the Dried Herb hue was once used only for military and safari style garments, that khaki that really hits the spot and looks perfect when people go trekking through the woods and mountains, today it is a staple on the runways from New York to Milan, Paris and London. It is a sophisticated and chic color that brings a cool undertone to any garment while still showing it off as a strong piece. It is earthy and grounded, perfectly organic and it’s so easy to mix with others colours from this list.

Think of gentle sunshine coming out after an especially fierce storm conquers the land. The slight rays bring with them a glimmer of hope for better days, calmer moments and a sliver of cheer. The Oak Buff coloring is as comforting as one can imagine, a rather warm shade despite the cool undertones, which inspires positive emotions. One of my personal favourites from the list.


The Stormy Weather hue is like an overcast day, gray and cool, however seems quite dependable and is literally constant, taking over the whole sky, blocking out the sun’s rays and leaving us in a rather “under the weather” mood. However, it can also come off as a strong color, signifying a protective spell, its power lying in the enduring blue-gray. This is like the calm before the storm really, a hue that makes bold statements in low voices, a boulder that the waters crash against by never move.

It is a beautiful cool touch against the warmer tones of the different hues used during the creation of the fall and winter pieces, adding the serenity that defines the blue hues with a very slight application of green that invigorates the color and makes it all the more magnetic to view. Think tropical waters and untapped oceans, the soothing notes of the waves hitting the beach sands, the confidence one feels when faced with such beauty .It is almost like wearing sea colored nail polish on your toes, feeling rebel and inspired by your dreams and plans. When summer is over, nothing can bring it back faster than Bascay Bay tone, that will bring your memories back to when you were lying on the beach watching ocean/sea.


The jewel of the crown is what the Pantone color report for fall 2015 calls it, and a jewel color it certain is. Amethyst Orchid takes both a precious jewel and a flower, combining them to create such a lovely hue that even the violets are jealous. It is an intriguing color, one, which evokes a certain sense of calm along with its sensuality.