The products I've tried | April 2016

As you may be able to tell from this month’s favourites, there are all sorts of skincare products that I’ve tried in April. Before I kick off I’m going to add a disclaimer *Investing in good quality skincare products and actually putting in the effort from an early age is so worth the expenditure in time and in pocket.* I’ve quite often being asked why I’m using anti-aging skincare, when I’m only 21. My view on that is there’s no point waiting for the wrinkles to set in before making moves prevent them.

I was a little bit sceptical about this product, as I don’t understand the difference between affordable and expensive Micellar Water, because for me, the only job it should do – remove make-up. This Gatineau Micellar Water, however, feels much better on the skin, than cheaper alternatives. It contains Cucumber, Green Tea and Aloe Vera – this cocktail really leaves your skin soft and refreshed. Usually my skin gets a bit red after I’m washing off my make-up + it takes me a couple of cotton pads to cleanse the stubborn waterproof mascara, however with this micellar water it only takes one – you don’t need to rub it against your skin, you just press the cotton pad and then it will magically remove all of your makeup without any irritations.

In overall, it’s a great product with many benefits, but if your skin is happy with the cheaper alternatives, such as my favourite Garnier Micellar water, then there is no need to invest in it.

Everything in this product screams ‘I’m natural’, even the packaging, which is made of real wood. This cream suits all skin types and 98.83% of ingredients are natural. Moreover, the product was never tested on the animals – so, if this is something you consider when trying a new brand – you won’t be disappointed when it comes to NAOBAY, the brand has a strong ethical position and amazing products.

In my opinion, this is really a food for your skin – it’s absorbed so quickly and moisturises the skin for long hours. The only con for me – it might be to heavy for your skin. Personally, I don’t mind heavy creams, I use them as night creams and when I wake up – my skin literally glows and sometimes the only skin product I need to put on my face in the morning is water-based serum.

Speaking about water-based serums – Jurlique Calendula Serum is one of my favorites now. It almost doesn’t have any smell and the texture is very gel-like, so it’s better to apply that one in the morning – it is perfect under foundation and concealer. It promises to restore the skin’s epidermal defences and  to give a long lasting hydration amongst anti-irritant benefits to soothe and nourish the skin for a relaxing, softening effect.

After using this serum for more than a week now (only in the mornings), I’ve noticed that my skin tone got more even and all irritations are healed much quicker. It’s also known as a perfect serum for acne-prone skin, and many people who suffer from acne noticed improvements with their skin.

When I was doing research on this twin set, I’ve found the brilliant review, that perfectly reflects my thoughts on this shampoo and conditioner: “Feels like a thousand tiny cold fairy hands on your head and smells like a baby angels breath.”

Honestly. It just couldn’t be more accurate.

Paul Mitchell is a well-known brand, famous for their products and great salons, and their new Special line is filled with the great unisex products for your hair. However, this Tea Tree shampoo is somehow more popular amongst men, so if you and your boyfriend/husband like to share shampoos – this would be perfect for you. It leaves your hair silky and your scalp refreshed. Moreover, it’s cooling effect is really something that will wake you up quickly in the morning.

Balance Me is one of the most popular natural & organic brands on the market right now. Their Wonder Cream is definitely one of their bestsellers, so they’ve decided to upgrade it to the next level, by making it tinted! However, you shouldn’t expect this cream to work like a magic concealer, it’s not THAT tinted. It’s a very lightweight formula with just a slight hint of colour, for someone who has no problem under their eyes – that might work, but for others, who need extra cover around their eyes – you will still have to use concealer.

This is a truly multi-tasking cream, which softens, smooths and brightens the area around your eyes – thanks to its unique blend of Roman chamomile, lemon, cucumber oil, witch hazel, anti-oxidant spruce knot, virgin coconut, rosehip oil and carrot oil. It also manages that amazing feat of being rich but not heavy and easily absorbing.