April’s Beauty Hits | 2017

It feels like I haven’t posted about beauty for a while now, and to be honest I started to miss these posts. On the daily basis, I’m trying and discovering so many new products and brands that it’s absolutely essential for me to start a new series of posts ‘Hits’ to show you the best bits of what I’ve tried in the past months.

Today’s selection will contain a lot of skincare products and a primer that level-upped by make-up game.


I am a long time fan of Smashbox primers, and have already tried almost all of them. The Radiance Primer is one of their new products and it really steps up the primer game. Golden hour lighting is what makes everyone to look beautiful, but it passes very quickly, the Smashbox team has decided to put this magical time of the day into the jar so everyone could access it anytime, anywhere. You notice straight away that the colour of the primer and its texture is dramatically different compared to other primers in the range, it has that iridiscent glow – once you put it on your skin that glow transfers into golden pearls glow and makes your face to look fresh, more even and very hydrated (it’s packed with  hyaluronic acid & shea butter for instant & all-day moisture)

The Radiance Primer can also be used on its own, as a gorgeous highlighter for your cheekbones and/or décolletage.

You’ve heard of Immunocologie. Or better yet, you’ve seen it—all over Instagram, perfectly arranged in its minimalist glory alongside similarly tonal knickknacks and marble facades, just as god intended. And even though our moms drilled into our heads not to judge a beauty product by its packaging, here we are, with vanities filled with all-black or all-white or rose-gold-engraved bottles of body serums and hyaluronic acids. Or is that just me?

This time I’ve tried their ‘Day Protection Cream’ and as it always happens with the Immunocologie products, it’s hard to stay indifferent to them. This antioxidant-rich moisturiser formulated as a daily defense against oxidation and free radical activity.  Day Protection provides the skin with antioxidant-rich Borojo and Baobab extracts, which allow the skin’s natural metabolic process to function without coming under attack from environmental stressors. By reinforcing the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and slackened skin is tightened over time.

I also found this cream really helping with my spots as it contains effective anti-inflammatory properties.

*In the UK, the Immunocologie is available at  Cult BeautyImmunocologie and Fenwick Bond St. 

DCL ‘Detoxifying Clay Mask’

This is a detoxifying, deep cleaning volcanic mask that intensely treats breakouts, loosens blackheads and puts over abundant oil in check with natural clays, while comforting the irritation that can often arise in blemish-prone skin with advanced soothing ingredients. Phytic Acid exfoliates to help unblock pores and diminish the appearance of discolouration to create a more uniform and radiant skin tone.

The only downside of the mask is the recommended time in the instruction. I would recommend to keep it for less than 10 minutes and really listen to your skin. Normally, I keep it for 6 minutes and only apply it to the problem areas, rather to the whole face. That helps me to fight the redness that might accur after using this mask.

DCL ‘Hydra Boost Finishing Serum’

The Hydra Boost serum is an ingenious replicator of the body’s own hydrating resource – naturally occurring hyaluronic acid – and deeply drenches, firms, plumps and nourishes skin. Dramatically replenishes and boosts the benefits of other treatment products. Hyaluronic Acid Complex firms and plumps the topmost layer of skin to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Three different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid allow for deeper penetration into skin to powerfully rejuvenate it.

I usually use this serum in the mornings, it gives me a moisturised skin that is ready for the make-up application.

*DCL is available at Space NK.

The ‘Moisture Boost Serum’ is the first product I’ve tried from the Skinfix skincare range.

Skinfix is a Dermatologist recommended brand that provides effective natural skincare products for the most vexing skinirritations from head to toe. CEO and co-founder, Amy Regan discovered the 100 year old healing balms in a small store in rural Nova Scotia, seeing its potential, Amy used her wealth of beauty experience (20 years working with the likes of L’Oréal, Jo Malone and Space NK), to expand the balms into various Skinfix lines using the core, powerful natural ingredients of the original formula, and following the original philosophy that a healthy skin barrier is the key to happy, beautiful skin.

What I love about the brand, is their quite affordable prices for the dermatologist recommended products.

Skinfix Moisture Boost Face Serum instantly nourishes the skin with a unique natural formulation that works to restore skin lipids and leave’s the skin feeling soft, plump, healthy and beautiful. Our Healthy Skin Lipid Complex and extracts of Peony Root and Red Seaweed work together to enhance radiance, reduce pigmentation, repair collagen and enhance the skin’s elasticity. This lightweight yet deeply moisturizing serum is pH balanced, made with natural ingredients and is free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.  It has such a lightweight formula – it simply dissapears from your face in just a couple of seconds after application.

*Skinfix is available at Boots