Back to Moroccan Sun


Out of all of the places we’ve been to so far, Morocco holds a very special place in my heart. I don’t know what the particular reason for this is, but I feel an instant spiritual uplift when I come there.

The sun completely dissolves all of the borders and makes me reconsider the truths that I took for granted and never challenged myself to ever questions them. The nature makes me feel like someone finally invented a time machine and I can witness the nature that wasn’t touched or destroyed by the hand of a man. Air feels liquid, because of the extreme humidity, but it fills my lungs with peace and freedom. 


Even the fashion choices that I make while I’m there surprise me afterwards. Like, combining the swimsuit with autumn ankle boots and full linen co-ord and a satin bag? Sounds like a great idea! Especially when you receive these boots of your dreams right before the trip and simply can’t wait until you get back to London to wear them. With their Western-inspired design, these Prof boots work as a perfect element for a boho outfit, or as a statement piece for the city casual look. During our trip, I got to wear them with the dresses, denim shorts and a tee, as well as with this a-bit-extra outfit that I love with all my heart. 

That linen co-ord was put together by accident, the jacket I’ve been wearing all summer, because I just love how it’s raw linen material covers you from the evening breeze, but also works as a perfect cover up if you’ve burnt your shoulders but want to let your skin breathe anyway. The trousers I just got from Flow The Label had this Aladdin vibe and I just knew they will be perfect for this trip because their versatile design and again, raw linen material. 

My Look

Boots: PROF

Trousers: Flow The Label

Sunglasses: La Specs

Jacket: Grove via W Concept

Swimwear: ASOS

Bag: Mango