Be Your Own Motivation

We all know words have power. Do we use this power to make someone happy? How responsibly do we choose our words when we talk to someone? Do we even care? ‘Le Motto’ is a newborn project that cares about what our shirts say, it gives us an opportunity to change someone’s mood by just wearing a t-shirt with the words that inspire us, not hurt.¬†When people purchase Le Motto apparel, they donate some of the profits to causes that help kids who are suffering from violent circumstances.

I paired this beautiful shirt with 70’s skirt and coral blazer that I got on Zara Sale and I love it so much that this is probably not the last time you see it on my blog. Mirrored platform sandals were the last touch to compliment my outfit and reflective Dior sunglasses. These shoes are so so comfy, absolutely perfect for Manchester where I don’t usually wear any high-heels, but sometimes flats are not an option, too.

I hope you like my outfit and the idea of ‘Le Motto’ project. Please, tell me your opinion in the comment section. + I have a very serious question for you, what do you think about books reviews? Would you be interested in reading them on my blog?

Have a great day xx

Blazer: Zara | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Office Shoes | Sunglasses: Dior | T-shirt: Le Motto*