Renting an apartment has a lot of benefits (I like the fact that you are not chained to one place), but even more disadvantages. For me, rented apartments very rarely feel homely. Especially when you opt for the furnished flat to save the costs, in most of the cases you find yourself surrounded with soulless Ikea (in a good case) furniture and you are very lucky if  it actually matches the space. 

After living in our London flat for 2 years, I came up with a couple of ideas that transformed our rooms and made them brighter and a bit more cosy. 

Our seating room features mainly greyscale colour palette and of course the easiest way to brighten up the space, was to play with the contrast decoration. This is where  cushions and Desenio prints step in. Our guest bedroom recently got an upgrade with a white open wardrobe and velvet pink chair for my vanity table, so I decided to make blush pink the signature colour of the room. For the seating room, I used some of the old prints (like the water one and ‘live your dream’ quote) and mixed them with the new ones, but went for the neutrals that will perfectly match the bright ‘water’ poster. 

Since I ordered my first Desenio prints 1 year, my taste has changed slightly, so this time I decided to upgrade some of them with the golden frames and also change the layouts. I fell in love with the abstract prints they now stock (like the kissing couple in our guest room), they really add some lightness to the room. 


In my opinion, the prints are the easiest way to change something in your space, when you got slightly bored with your interior. They can give a new breath to your flat without breaking a bank.

Plus, if you use my code ”LOLITAMAS“, you will get 25% off  Desenio posters*  between October 9th and 11th.

*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters”.