Embracing The Cliché

Beret: No Name | Glasses: Topshop | Coat: Topshop | Loafers: Office Shoes | Pants: Zara | Top: Finery London | Bag: J.W. Anderson

As I already said in one of my recent posts, Paris makes me want to play dressing up and to embrace the French cliches. Even though you will rarely see the true Parisians wearing the beret (most of the times, it will be crazy tourists, like me, trying to ‘blend in’ and looking for a baguet to complete the composition), this is still one of the main symbols of Paris.

When I was planning this look, I was really inspired by the 90’s editorial shots of Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss. I wanted to build an iconic look that is truly embracing all of the cliches, including the beret, funky glasses & of course, the cigarette (probably the only thing that can be related to modern Parisians). I didn’t want my look to be vulgar (it’s quite easy to achieve when you mainly combine two colours: red & black), that’s why I decided to wear classy loafers with wide pants and leave the heels aside. As it was planned, the upper part of my look should be catching all of the attention, because of the statement vinyl coat.

Without any doubts, the vinyl coat is the next ‘IT’ thing, after I visited all of the Fall/Winter 2017 Press Days, I can assure you, that it’s not the last time you see the coat like this – more is coming. This one is the lightweight version, which is perfect for the Early-Spring weather, but considering that it’s not a real leather – I would not recommend it for Summer, you will be boiling in it. I look forward to Fall collections to finally hit the stores so I could share the vinyl gems that I’ve discovered with you!




Photos were taken by Anna Sandul.