Eyebrows on Fleek : Blink Brow Bar ‘Essential Kit’ Review

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To have perfect eyebrows today seems even more important, than wearing clean clothes. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with their eyebrows and if you are using just a pencil for your brows, you are considered old-school. There are so many eyebrows products  today, but it’s really hard to tell which ones aren’t overpriced and overhyped and if they can actually help you to level up your eyebrows game.

My eyebrows today are in a very sad condition, in the past couple of months I loved my tweezer just way too much, so I barely have any eyebrows now and currently I’m in the process of growing them back. Which means I need to pay even more attention to the brows products that actually make my own brows look fuller, but still very natural.

Today I want to share with you my review on Blink Brow Bar Essential Kit and photo guide on how to give your eyebrows definition and a very natural, fuller look.

I’ve been introduced to Blink Brow Bar world back in Manchester when I went to the eyebrows correction for my very first time. It was hard for me to choose the right place for such a scary treatment (because you can never be sure about the result), but I made a research and found out about BBrowBar, which has so many positive reviews and is loved by many celebrities and beauty influencers. The correction has been done very well, but I never really had an opportunity to try their products, maybe because they are not sold widely and you can either buy it from their bars or order them online.

The Blink Brow Bar Essential Kit contains 3 items: brow definer (I got it in ‘Indian Chocolate’ colour) , brow gel, and highlighter pen. These three items should be enough for a beginner who wants to achieve a perfect look for their eyebrows. The kit’s retail price is £38, which I think is very affordable compared to other brands.

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Here you can see how awful my eyebrows are now, so we’ll see if the kit will help me to rescue my eyebrows and if it will turn me into Cara.

Step 1. Creating the shape with Brow Definer in ‘Indian Chocolate’

The colour ‘Indian Chocolate’ is really close to my natural colour, which is definitely a good thing, I rarely find brown pencils that don’t have too much red pigment in them. The definer is really easy to use and it blends perfectly.

Step 2. Filling in with Brow Definer

After I create a shape of the brow, I start filling it in with the same product, in this case with Brow Definer. The pencil has a very smooth finish and it’s very long lasting, so make sure not to make any mistakes it because it will be hard to remove it without leaving marks.

Step 3. Highlight under brow with Highlighter Pen

After the brows filled in, I always like to sweep a little bit of concealer of lighter shades or highlighter  under my arch to define the shape and blend it in. BBrowbar’s creamy highlighter is dual ended, so it features an iridescent based highlighter and blending sponge to create a soft, subtle glow that can be gradually blended to illuminate and open up the eyes. The highlighter itself has a very nice golden glow, but make sure you don’t apply too much of it because it’s honestly really hard to blend even with the second end of the pencil.

I absolutely adore this highlighter for an immediate glow it gives and for its waterproofness, I also use it to highlight the bridge of my nose, upper lip tick and inner eyes glow.

Step 4. Finishing with Clear Brow Gel

And the last step, but not least – fixing my eyebrows with Clear Brow Gel to make sure they are kept in place during the day and also to give them an extra layer of nourishment and waterproofness. Start at the middle point of the brow and brush in the direction of the hair growth towards the tail end of your eyebrow. To manipulate and accentuate the shape, brush up at the front of the brow and arch for a bolder, fuller finish.

Final result

In overall, I would give BBrowBar’s Essential Kit 9 out of 10. The products are quite affordable, especially if you buy the kit and they are definitely made with love for the eyebrows. It is really easy to work with them in order to create really nice, natural-looking, fuller eyebrows.

I really hope you liked this review.

What is your favourite product for the eyebrows? 

This post contains sponsored products from Blink Brow Bar