Eyelet Trend

Dress: Asos | Bag: Gucci | Sneakers: Saint Laurent | Sunglasses: Linda Farrow* | Earrings: Finery 


It might be strange that my perfect summer dress is maxi & black, but it’s a reality. This is probably one of the most comfortable, versatile and beautiful dresses I’ve even worn. I remember I saw it on someone on Instagram and once I found out that it’s Asos, 2 seconds later it was already in my shopping bag. I find the length very comfortable for everyday wear with sandals or sneakers, and it also makes a fab cocktail dress if you pair it with stilettos.

The eyelet detail really gives the dress that trendy feel and makes it look much more expensive than it actually is. By the way, talking about the price Рthis dress is included into ASOS sale, so you can now buy it for £32 and if you have any vouchers, it will be even less than that.

Eyelet details this season are used everywhere – you will find them on the bags, shoes, clothes and they really give the pieces that sleek minimalistic look.