Foreo Luna x Look Fantastic Review

Hello everyone! Sorry for keep you waiting for my new posts (especially OOTDs). I just got back from Paris and still need to write my very last (oh yeah) assignment for university and I will be back on the track. Stay tuned for the huge post about our trip to Paris and I will try my best to write it in two languages, so that I could share my experience with all of my readers, as I know there are a lot of Russians out there 🙂

Today I want to introduce you to the device that I got my hands on recently and, believe me, I will never put them away from it anymore. I want to thank Look Fantastic team that gave me an opportunity to be one of the first to try their Limited Edition Foreo Luna ‘Magenta’*, as it was a great experience and I think I just found new must-have for my daily skincare routine .

“A revolutionary facial-cleansing and anti-ageing device, the LUNA™ combines sophisticated T-Sonic™ technology with a soft, silicone brush for deep yet gentle cleansing that helps to improve the absorption of skincare products. The reverse surface channels lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Requiring no replacement brushes, the LUNA™ is a more economical, as well as hygienic and gentle solution, than similar products on the market. With the LUNA™ range, FOREO promises you radiant, younger-looking and naturally beautiful skin, and the confidence that comes with it.”


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Foreo Luna isn’t my first cleansing gadget, as I already own Clarisonic brush, so I already had another product to compare with. I can’t say that I was fully satisfied with my Clarisonic purchase and to be honest the last time I’ve used it was couple of months ago. The reason for that is that I felt that Clarisonic is too harsh on my sensitive skin and it definitely didn’t work for me as a part of my daily routine. When I received Foreo Luna, I’ve noticed how soft these silicone ‘touch-points’ are, however, I had some doubts on how this thing is going to clean my skin.


The first thing I liked about Foreo Luna is it’s sleek packaging, that reminded me of Apple products. It’s very simple but perfectly demonstrates the product, the golden rule ‘more is less’ works perfectly in here.

The gadget comes with the charger (be careful not to lose it, as you only need to recharge this pretty pink thing once in 6 months (!!) and it holds charge up to 450 treatments ( I wish my iPhone could be like this)  It also comes with a quick guide, instruction, authenticity card and a dust bag, which is very convenient when you are travelling.


As I said before, I had some doubts about deep cleanse that was promised – sliding a rubbery, vibrating paddle over your face does not feel conducive to an effective cleanse. But the Foreo Luna, designed to deep-cleanse as well as boost circulation and relax facial muscles, really does work. After using it for a week I can’t stop kissing it – my pores got visibly clearer just like the whole complexion of my skin. I had some pimples on my forehead, but they disappeared much quicker, than usual.


You can see that the device has tiny little silicone nodules all over the end of it; when you massage the device over your skin, the rounded nodules kind of wiggle the dirt off the skin and direct it down so that it’s trapped in the gaps. These ‘touch-points’ are waterproof and the whole system is much more hygienic than similar cleansing devices. The biggest advantage of those nodules comparing to the traditional bristles is that they won’t irritate the skin. At all.

If you have a problem skin this gadget will make help you to make a condition of it better and will make blemishes and irritations heal faster. However, everything we have on our skin – comes from within, so if you have a problem skin this gadget won’t be a ‘magic bullet’ and you won’t wake up looking like Rihanna one day, but it will definitely contribute to making your skin look brighter and the tone of it more even if you eat clean and use skincare products that fit you.

  • You can buy Foreo Luna Exclusive LookFantastic Edition HERE

I hope you like my review. Have you already purchased your Foreo Luna or you prefer other cleansing devices? Tell me more about it in a comment section below 🙂