Frills & Ruffles | LFW Day 1


Jumper: H&M | Pants: Topshop | Bag: Gucci | Watch: Thomas Sabo | Shoes: Chanel

This year’s LFW was the first one when I attended every day and I can tell that even though I didn’t get to see all of the catwalk shows and presentations, it was still exhausting but very interesting, too.

The problem with LFW this year was the weather, we were dying from heat just a couple of days before it started, but when I woke up on Day 1 I heard thunderstorms and showers. At that moment I knew I won’t be able to wear all of the dresses I prepared and had to quickly improvise to make my outfit appropriate and weather-proof.

So after half an hour or brainstorming, I decided to go with my new jumper from H&M and Topshop trousers from their last year collection, this outfit made me feel cosy and confident.

After my OOTD photos, I will tell you more about the shows I attended.






Teatum Jones SS17

This collection has been inspired by and dedicated to Scottish society. Mixtures of solid colours and wearable prints, interesting cuts and fabrics – this all perfectly presented Teatum Jones aesthetics. I loved how florals were infused into men’s pieces of the collection and how they still looked very mature and masculine.

photo-16-09-2016-11-13-40 photo-25-09-2016-10-41-07 photo-25-09-2016-10-41-23 photo-16-09-2016-11-15-47 photo-25-09-2016-10-41-00

Aquascutum SS17

Aquascutum SS17 has been a highlight of the day. An amazing venue with breathtaking interiors and gorgeous clothes are ingredients for the best presentation. Aquascutum celebrated the true femininity of simple printed, silk , one shoulder dresses and a signature red floral print teamed with strong, crafted leather cuffs, sensual chokers and scarves wrapped tightly around several of the girls’ necks. Every ten minutes, there would be a rotation of models throughout the decadent salon, accompanied by the background sounds of mercurial vinyls playing. Some stood playing pool with one another under an extravagant crystal-drop chandelier, whilst others sat sipping glasses of Charles Heidsieck champagne – a brand that were, similar to Aquascutum, celebrating turning 165 years old. The overall message? Power, elegance and liberation whether it be through settings, dress sense or lifestyle.

photo-16-09-2016-12-30-27 photo-16-09-2016-12-41-09 photo-25-09-2016-11-24-23 photo-16-09-2016-12-01-47 photo-25-09-2016-11-24-28

Eudon Choi SS17

Choi showcased pieces that feature fabric embellishments where there is usually a lighter touch to a pattern and slits, creating a more fluid silhouette, where there is usually particular attention to tailoring a piece down. Models wore scoop-necked tunic tops with slits through the length of each sleeve, trousers with exquisite detail paid to the shape of a waistband but nonetheless slits cut through the length of each leg.

Pay attention to the beautiful shoes that were worn for the catwalk, these gorgeous pieces are made by amazing Italian designer Ganor Dominic.

photo-25-09-2016-11-40-12 photo-25-09-2016-11-39-58 photo-25-09-2016-11-40-08 photo-25-09-2016-11-40-04


Even though DAKS  is known as being the quintessentially English gentleman’s brand, for next season the brand has also delved more deeply into the heritage aesthetic, drawing out a 19th-century influence in its SS17 collection. One of the key features of the show was the emphasis on 19th century India-inspired accessories. This was not universal – a number of male models walked the catwalk with burgundy briefcases. However, most outfits were completed with beaded or ribboned necklaces, large metal pendants and slim clutch bags edged with dark beads so ornately arranged they almost appeared to be lace.

photo-16-09-2016-16-18-42 photo-16-09-2016-16-24-02 photo-16-09-2016-16-20-03 photo-25-09-2016-11-52-02