Hello Stranger

Welcome to my third attempt to start personal blog. My name is Lolita, but friends (and you) may call me Lola. I am 20 years old and originally from Latvia, however I currently live and study at Uni in Manchester, England. I moved here just over 2 years ago, and honestly I can tell you that it was the best decision of my life so far. I love living here as you can really feel the British spirit and spot some truly British mannerisms, which are partly lost in big cities such as London due to too many tourists and too much traffic. Manchester always feels like home. Always.

Moving to the UK also gave me a huge opportunity to start my professional career, and, yay, happy me! I got a job at ASAP 54, which is London based start up that helps you to find clothes, accessories and basically everything you want via few simple steps using an image recognition system. Basically, you upload a photo ñ crop anything you want to find – and BAM! It gives you 5 results. Currently, it is available only for iOS and can be easily downloaded from the App Store. What am I doing there you might ask? I’m an online stylist. This means that if the application fails to give you the best possible results, you just need to click the shiny ‘ask a stylist’ button and straight away that request comes to me. From there it’s my responsibility to find that particular piece of clothing and 4 alternatives that are as close as possible to the original item. And yes, everything should be in stock and available for you to buy online. How cool is that? I will definitely write more about this application, such as the most popular requests and where you can find them in my next posts.


About my studies: I’m a third year student at Manchester Metropolitan University, on a course called Advertising & Brand Management. It’s my final year, so I definitely feel that the next 9 months will be more than just a little stressful for me! I am sort of ready for it, but I know that after it all that I will miss uni, as I am pretty much sure that this time will fly fast enough.

My hobbies: I don’t have any crazy hobbies, such as feeding wild animals in my spare time or baking space cakes (that would be fun though). My greatest love apart from fashion is reading books. I do read a lot, A LOT. That was important for me to mention, as I am planning to write about books – including reviews and my favourite inspirational quotes – don’t be shy to start discussions with me in the comments section ñ I will love it!

In overall, this blog will be about my personal style, travelling, beauty and anything else that inspires me and I find interesting enough to be shared with you.

Thank you for visiting. Let’s start this journey together.