Hidden Gem

I think, all-beige looks are becoming my thing. This is how I know it’s already spring in my heart – when I want more beige trousers in my wardrobe, than jeans. Whilst all black or all white looks might be a bit boring or too bright, you can never go wrong with an all-beige look. I love playing with the shades of camel, vanilla and cream, seeing how they compliment each other and create a beautiful harmony with a luxurious feel.

I got stopped today twice by women asking me where I got this coat from, and funny enough, the coat in this look is the least expensive piece, as I got it on the last minute sale in Zara for less than £20. I keep telling you and showing you that you don’t need expensive clothes to look sophisticated, at this point I feel it’s my mantra. I hate spending big sums of money on my clothes, just because I know I won’t be wearing the same pieces over and over again. The shoes and bags are a different story, one bag will level up dozens of your high-street looks and will make the heads turn, this is why it is such an important investment.

With shoes I have a complicated relationship, I love expensive footwear, but at the same time I realise that shoes get out of condition quicker and sometimes they are way too seasonal, and you can’t wear them as a bag, 4-5 years in a row, most of them will simply go out of fashion.

I love the footwear brands that offer the latest trends with the great quality and at the affordable prices. This is why I love PROF so much, they never disappoint when it comes to the most stylish shapes and produce the shoes that you want to wear over and over again. Some of my PROF pairs (and you know I have many of them) very often get mistaken for a designer shoes, which is the best compliment the affordable brand can get. There is some sort of a pleasure to tell people about this hidden gem brand and that my shoes are not as expensive as they think and watch their faces change.

Do you have any favourite hidden-gem brands?

Trench: ZARA | Pants: ZARA | Top: River Island | Shoes: PROF | Bag: Chloe | Sunglasses: Ray Ban