Look Fantastic beauty box review / October 2014

One thing you probably didn’t know about me – I am a huge fan of beauty boxes. These little (sometimes not that little) and relatively cheap boxes were made to help us to discover new beauty products without actually buying them for the full price.

I have 2 subscriptions at the moment: Birchbox and LoveLulu box – they both are great and you can be sure that every month you get a few interesting beauty products to try – you won’t get any cheap well-known mass-market brands.

The recent surprise for me was the news that lookfantastic.com made their own beauty box that you can pre-order every month. There was a huge buzz around it in september and the boxes were sold out in a couple of days, but I managed to pre-order October one and now I’m definitely going to buy it on a monthly basis and share the contents with you – in case you are still wondering if they worth the money you pay.


The first thing I cannot to not mention is very sleek and minimal design of the box – less is more. The golden rule of mine. You definitely might want to keep the box for jewellery or make-up, as it’s made of a very good quality and looks posh, especially for the storage box 😀


Price of the box: £15.00 including P&P

Number of products: 7

1. L’Oreal Proffesional Serie Expert Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo and Masque – Sample Size 100ml and 75ml 

2. KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry  –  Sample Size 75ml. Full Size 200ml RRP £11.45

I have used it for 3 times now – it does what it says, I have a lot of hair, they are very curly and sometimes it takes me an hour to blow-dry and straighten them. With this spray it took me half an hour, so I would definitely recommend you to try this product, I am waiting for the second one coming in my October Birchbox, that I would also review here 🙂

3. Balance Me Facial Expression Filler –  Full Size 15ml . RRP £22.00

4. This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray – Sample Size 5ml. Full Size 75ml RRP £25.00

This product is simply amazing. My lifestyle not always allows me to have normal 8 hours of sleep, sometimes it could be only 2 or 3, but I definitely want to fall asleep as fast I can, to get everything from these couple of hours. This thing is just knocking you off, literally, at one moment you are awake – the next moment you see your 7th dream already. Absolutely a must for people who is struggling with insomnia and tired of counting sheeps, dogs and cats.

I know that some people use this spray instead of their sleeping pills and now I can understand why. The fragrance is fab, too. There is a hint of lavender, but it’s not sharp at all. I am not sure that I’m gonna buy the full-size, as for me this is a bit over-priced, but that was definitely a pleasant experience.

5. Korres Citrus Shower Gel – Sample Size 50ml. Full Size 250ml RRP £8.00

This is the second time for the past few months when I get this exact Korres sample. I didn’t become a huge fan of it so far. The only thing I like about Korres so far is the policy of the company – they produce fairly natural and organic products. The fact that there are no silicones, propylene glycol and ethanolamine, but it’s rich with vitamin C and E, zinc and anti-oxidant enzymes – makes this shower gel very healthy for your skin.

The texture is very soft, but just as the most shower gels have. The citrus scent is absent and, to be honest, you can’t notice a hint of it even if you would really try.

6. Gatineau Paris Collagene Expert Ultimate Skin Soothing Cream – Sample Size 15ml. Full Size RRP £54.19