Look Fantastic Box / April 2015

After last month’s  success of Look Fantastic box I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for us this month. Like it’s predecessors, the April box also came in minimalistic black box and with an amazing range of brands and products. For those of you who are not familiar with Look Fantastic, they are the ultimate Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, lookfantastic.com offers over 14,000 products from more than 400 brands across hair, make up, skin care, nails, electrical, fragrance, health , home and organic. With this brand portfolio in mind it was inevitable that this box was going to deliver and be a crowd pleaser from the outset. Unlike any of the other beauty boxes, this features lust-worthy and luxurious brands which automatically puts this box within a league of it’s own. As well as the incredible line up, all of the products are exceptionally good sized with two being full-size and if you love the finer things in life, you are in for a real treat which won’t break the bank.


 Look Fantastic Beauty Box* – April 2015 
Price of the box – £15.00 + free delivery
No. of Products in the Box – 6 items (worth £45.00)




1. CB12 Safe Breath Rinse Mild – 50ml RRP £3.50 | BUY HERE |

Really works and gets rid of mouth smells, a very pleasant taste, too. I have been using this product on and off for a couple of days, initially I was sceptical about the claim of fresh breath for 12 hours but after a few days use I can genuinely say it works like a dream.
It doesn’t burn or sting like some mouthwashes and initially has a mild what I can only describe as a drying effect of the mouth but you soon do not notice this.
I use it immediately after brushing my teeth in the morning and my mouth feels fresh throughout the day irrespective of what I drink or eat, spicy food, coffee no problem. Would recommend, only downside is it’s price.


2. Korres

2. Korres Aloe & Soapwort Shampoo – Travel Size 50ml. RRP £9   | BUY HERE |

I love how this shampoo is gentle and my hair feels sleek after rinsing. For me, it’s important to follow up with a conditioner afterwards though (my hair tends to tangle if I don’t).This is a nice, simple shampoo that cleans gently and does not strip the hair and make it squeaky. It does not contain silicone, mineral oil, propylene glycol or ethanolamines. Scent is mild and pleasant. I’d recommend this to most people.

2. INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner. Full Size. RRP £12.83 | BUY HERE |

3. INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner. Full Size. RRP £12.83 | BUY HERE |

This eyeliner is so soft and smooth, it glides on effortlessly. You can swipe it with the lightest hand you can manage and you’ll still get a solid line of colour.  I like the natural ingredients, clean line and built in sharpener. Not mushy like some other eyeliners that end up smearing too much.

4. FORZA Multivitamin for Dieters. Full size. 30-day course. RRP £7.49 | BUY HERE |

4. FORZA Multivitamin for Dieters. Full Size. 30-day course. RRP £7.49 | BUY HERE |

Look Fantastic is the only box I know that send vitamins and I was really excited to see this product in my April box, as I was really pleased with the previous vitamins they’ve sent in January box. Plus, it came just in time, as few days ago I decided to get my body bikini-ready for the summer, so now I am on a strict diet and these vitamins are helping me out to supply my body with all essential nutrients. With calcium, vitamin C, biotin, zinc and six types of B vitamins, this month’s supply of capsules ensure that your body still receives everything it needs to maintain healthy during the cutting down of calories.



5. Balance Me Revitalising Hand & Body Lotion. 100 ml. RRP £12.50 | BUY HERE |

This naturally cleansing wash has a warm unisex aroma, designed to enhance any bathroom. The zesty, uplifting aroma has been created using the chords of four essential oils, bringing together a warming and reviving, feel-good fragrance. Balance Me have blended calming mandarin with cleansing grapefruit, balancing bergamot and rejuvenating sweet orange, as well as a hint of mint to give a beautifully refreshing scent to help soothe the mind throughout the day. Easily absorbed, no pore contesting ingredient, very little carrageenan gum less than 1%, perfect!

6. Bed Head

6. TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. Sample Size – 30g. RRP £13.50 | BUY HERE |

This is a well-known product amongst people with short textured cuts, as it provides separation and long-lasting effect for any hairstyles. I have very long and curly hair, so I couldn’t thought of any possible way I can use this gum, so decided to give it away to my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it.