Look Fantastic September 2015 | Birthday Edition

I cannot believe that Look Fantastic box has turned 1 year already, I remember my very first box from them, and it seems like it didn’t happen that long time ago. I sincerely congratulate all Look Fantastic team with such a great success, you guys rock! You have managed to create one of the best beauty destinations and now one of the most interesting and sleek beauty boxes ever. I am more than happy to write a review for this month’s box, as it’s a truly special one that contains much more products and they all are fab. Click on ‘Continue Reading’ and see what I got this month.

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box* – September 2015 
Price of the box – £15.00 + free delivery
No. of Products in the Box – 7 items (worth £55.00)

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1. Codage Creme Gommante - Travel Size 25 ml. RRP £36

1. Codage Creme Gommante – Travel Size 25 ml. RRP £8

I’ve been looking for a great and gentle, but yet effective scrubbing cream for years, my skin is quite sensitive, so really abrasive scrubs are not for me. Usually, my skin gets really irritated and I get even more pimples, than I had before using the scrub. It’s absolutely different reaction with this cream, it really exfoliates and calms my skin at the same time, which is super great. I definitely recommend it as one of the best scrubbing creams ever.


2. Phytokeratin Extreme Cream Conditioner - Travel Size. RRP £26.50

2. Phyto Phytokeratin Extreme Cream Conditioner – Travel Size. RRP £26.50

This is one of the best products from Phyto, and I really hope they don’t change the formula! I love majority of Phyto’s products, but the exceptional line is AMAZING! I have curly, VERY dry hair, and this made my hair super moisturized and it brought super shine to my locks. The scent is very faint, it is creamy but lightweight at the same time. What I love is that you can layer on and it won’t weight your hair down. The normal Phytokeratin line can be a bit too much for me in terms of causing frizzes (as it can weigh hair down, as many reviewers found), but they made this line perfect!

These two came in handy for my trip to London Fashion Week. They lasted me 3 washes and I still have a bit of conditioner left. I can say that I have been struggling with my hair for some time, in London they tend to become even more frizzy and I tried this set, and let my hair dry naturally and it felt so so soft! I would definitely buy a full-size version, as it’s one of the best shampoos and conditioners I’ve used and they fit my hair perfectly.

This is not the first time I try TanWorx by Monu Skincare, I’ve been a fan of this brand for a long time and I can say that all of their products actually work. I didn’t have chance to use this tan maintainer, as my tan already disappeared and there is nothing left to maintain, but I would give it a try next time I’m travelling to somewhere hot and nice.

5. Caudalie Vinosource Serum & Creme Sorbet. Travel Size. RRP £23.00 & £29.00

5. Caudalie Vinosource Serum & Creme Sorbet. Travel Size. RRP £23.00 & £29.00

These are my favourite samples from the whole box, I’ve taken them to my LFW trip and now I can say that it was a super genius decision. After 2-hours trip and countless tube rides my skin was just so dried out that it was painful to watch, after I cleaned my skin I put the serum and this cream on my face and I was literally shocked after I woke up. My skin got healed in a matter of hours and I kept using it during my stay and every morning I could notice that my skin was super moisturised and there was much less irritation and redness. Definitely worth to try.