Meet The Frill Dress

Trench coat: Finery | Dress: Sister Jane | Boots: Chanel | Beret: Mango | Bag: Les Petits Joueurs | Lipstick: Chrsitian Louboutin Beauty

Sister Jane made my wish come true when they produced this perfect, Chanel-inspired, frill dress. The dress is so girly and soft, I fell in love with it from the very first sight, but because it’s so playful, it was hard for me to build a look around it. I wanted the whole look to be girly, but also with a healthy dose of rebelion and I think I suceeded with that by pairing it with my heavy Chanel boots and vinyl beret (it’s seriosly my favourite piece at the moment).

Lego bag by Les Petits Joueurs was a logical final touch to this look, because it combines both – girliness and edginess.