Moroccan Tales

Dress: Cecilia Prado | Bag: Cult Gaia | Hat: Asos | Shirt: ZARA | Earring: Asos | Sandals: Etsy

During one of our trips to Medina of Marrakech we have decided to visit the hotel La Sultana, it’s a well-known 5-star hotel right in the heart of the old town. La Sultana consists of 5 different riads and each one of them has a specific style and theme.

There are African, Moroccan, Andalusian and 2 other riads in the hotel, when we walked around them all, I was surprised how they are different and unique. Some of them are very bright and green, others are dark and very intimate. We didn’t have a chance to see the rooms, but we were told that every room has an animalistic name and also has a specific theme, so for example in the room ‘Zebra’ you will find a lot of details that will remind you about this animal.

The painted, gilded, carved, tiled and polished finishes create an opulent and exotic atmosphere I felt myself a Moroccan princess when I strolled around the hotel. We had 3-course lunch on the terrace overlooking the Saadian Tombs and I can tell it was one of the best restaurant experiences I ever had. All of the dishes were extremely delicious and they were a great mix between Moroccan and European cuisines. So, if you are not staying in this hotel, I’d still recommend it for visiting at least for the lunch/dinner or for their infamous spa.