My 9 Favourite Online Shops / Fashion Edition

I hate shopping. That’s it. I said it.

I hate huge shopping malls where, most likely, you will get lost amongst hundreds of shops that you don’t really need and in the ones that you need – they won’t have your size or the items were tried on thousands of times and you will find make-up marks everywhere. This is why I hate shopping. I just feel that it’s a massive waste of my time and efforts and I feel myself more comfortable ordering clothes online. I do have a number of websites that I check religiously every day or, at least, every week. Some shops I love because of the brands’ selection, other shops because of affordability and unique designs, another because of the quality. In this article, I will tell you about my 10 favourite online fashion destinations, some of them you might already know, but I feel it will be unfair not to mention them.

Top: ZARA | Skirt: ZARA | Shoes: Office | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co | Watch: Thomas Sabo | Bag: Gucci

Top: ZARA | Skirt: ZARA | Shoes: Office | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co | Watch: Thomas Sabo* | Bag: Gucci


1. Zara
I don’t think there is a need to explain why I love this shop. For me, Zara is a perfect place for a trend fix. You can literally find  every single hot trend of the season in there, for a very affordable price and this is the beauty and power of Zara.

2. Uterque

This is a fairly new brand in Indetex group and it has some Zara vibes in it, however, the prices are less affordable, but the quality is so much better also. The designs of pieces seem more complex but still very on trend. I love their shoes and accessories in overall. They don’t have a store in London yet, but I shop through their website and never had any problems with them.

3. H&M

Again, no need to justify this choice. Same as Zara, quick trend fix, but for even cheaper price. However, I do love their limited collections more, than their regular ones, I always try to find their most expensive things of the season, because they usually are gorgeous and are made of super high quality.

4. & Other Stories

This season I’m all about minimalism, so this is where &Other Stories steps in. Their collections are always filled with simplistic and monochrome pieces and you can always expect the highest quality from them.

5. Cos

Another shop that I only started to admire this year. I love how natural and simple their fabrics are, but this is the type of clothes you will be wearing for ages because most of their design will hardly ever go out of style. Every purchase at Cos is some kind of investment into your basic wardrobe that will last you forever.

6. Farfetch

Just an idea that you can shop online directly from the small boutique in Italy or France that don’t even have their own website is overwhelming. This website is always filled with so many brands and options and sizes – literally the best place to shop designer’s pieces. Delivery is quick and the item will be shipped directly from the store you’ve purchased from. Ahh-mazing.


If I don’t have mood or inspiration for shopping, I go to ASOS and they instantly show me what I need to get. The website is really inspiring, especially their homepage, which is always packed with the articles on the hottest trends of the season and the edits of the best items available. I love their White collection and their brand’s catalogue of course.

8. Topshop

If you are looking for the best denim and high-quality shoes for the mass-market price – Topshop is the best place for it. I absolutely adore their shoes, they are almost always made of leather and are super comfortable and last you more, than just one season.

9. Avenue 32

Best sales ever. I love that they stock affordable designer brands that always have unique designs. I literally want everything from their website.