The Perfect Red Coat

Coat: Fabitoria* | Bag: Pinko* | Pants: ZARA | Shoes: Givenchy | Shirt: ZARA

We all have those days when we crave to stand out from the crowd and we want to wear something that will boost our confidence to the sky high level. In my case, I love how red contrasts always add a certain chic touch to any outfit. When I see people wearing red, they always seem very confident and in some ways more attractive than anyone else. And of course, considering all of the studies, people who wear red are more memorable than the others.

Red coat – is one of the wardrobe staples for every woman. Even if you think, you are not brave enough to pull off such a strong colour in outerwear, you will be surprised how often you would like to wear it. We always think that if you are ready to invest in one coat for the season, it should be of neutral and base colour, such as black, grey or beige. However, red coat is a perfect addition to the wardrobe, since it could work alone, without the need to be coordinated with other colours. So, if you have a wardrobe filled with neutrals, the red coat would be an amazing contrast that will help you to turn your ordinary #ootd into extraordinary.


I also should mention that I’m head over heels in love with my new PINKO Love bag. I first saw that gorgeous collection of bags in their Milano flagship store, but I decided to wait until I actually figure out which style I love the most (because there are dozens of them, really, for any taste!). That red sequined & chequered Love Bag that I choose would add a party feel to any look and you know how I love any sorts of statement bags.






All of the gifted items are marked with (*).