Quarantine Diary


If you ask me how I’m dealing with quarantine, I’d probably tell you that I’m taking it day by day and my mood swings come in waves. I find joy and inspiration in learning new skills and information. I’m one of those people who find comfort in practice and learning new skills.
I do a lot of yoga, managed to master two new headstands, and my body feels stronger than ever. I’m finishing my reading list dedicated to Art, recently finished ‘POPism’ by Andry Warhol, who inspired me to find my forgotten Yashica film camera and start documenting my quarantine reality for the photo diary that I will make when this will all end.  Currently, my mind is occupied by Frida’s world. These books were laying in my bookshelf for so long that I thought I’d never find time to read them, and I’m glad I did – it gave such a great burst of inspiration and creativity.
When I’m craving for familiar and not so much motivated to do anything new and unusual, I find peace at activities I used to do and wear during pre-quarantine times; this is the safe place that keeps me sane and helps me no to lose the connection with reality.

As I mentioned previously, I find comfort not only in the things I do but also wear. Everyone who knows me is aware of my probably unhealthy obsession with tailoring and suits that look like I borrowed them from my boyfriend. Suiting up makes me feel like an old, pre-quarantine myself. At the moment, my favourite outfit is this Arket suit in a beautiful blue-ish grey colour, that has a perfectly oversized fit and reminds me of the Frida’s ‘Self Portrait with Cropped Hair’. It’s a power suit that gives me a superpower to revert the time and feel more like myself. As if I have three business meetings ahead and a couple of events to attend as if nothing changed and doesn’t feel weird.


I think now is the best time to go through your wardrobe and do the re-check, if everything you own does actually translate your style, since now we have more time, I’d recommend to try on every single item and see how you feel yourself wearing it, does it still fit you how it was when you bought it? Do you need to repair it or maybe reimagine the design completely? I’ve seen so much inspiring content on Instagram recently, how people were tie-dying their plain tracksuits to give them a new life without spending more on the new items. Or someone finding a pair of shoes at the back of their closet that they forgot about and fell in love with them for the second time. 
However, if you are purchasing something new, make sure you are doing it most responsibly. Klarna app works with dozen of merchants and allows you to pay 30 days after you made a purchase (so you could have time to decide whether to keep it or not), or with some of the merchants, you can slice the sum into three equal monthly payments. 


*this post is a part of the paid collaboration with Klarna