Red City

Dress: Cecilia Prado | Shoes: Asos | Hat: Asos | Bag: Launer  | Ring: Misho Design

Marrakech is also known as the ‘Red City’ and when you are there, you clearly see why. I haven’t seen any building that weren’t red and there is a reason for it. Because sun in Morocco is very bright and blinding, if the buildings were white, they would reflect too much light, so it would be impossible to see anything and it would be physically painful.

There is definitely a lot of charm in these red walls, a lot of romanticism too. This is exactly why it’s so easy to get lost in the narrow streets of Medina and why every street looks exactly the same. During sunset the colour warms and deepens and seems to blanket the whole cityscape – both from a distance and from within, the city takes on a romantic hue all of its own.

I really wanted to show in one of my looks that exotic combination of two cultures: African & Moroccan and this Cecilia Prado dress was exactly what I needed. The colours of the dress are very earthy and the print is indeed reminds me of the African motives, but how the knitted pattern drops the shadows on the ground and on my skin really reminded me of Moroccan tiles and mysterious maze of the Marrakech streets.

… and of course I just had to capture it next to the iconic salmon-hued wall!

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