Review: Elizabeth Arden Part II

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all having an amazing weekend. Weather in Manchester doesn’t treat us with many warm and sunny days, so for me it’s a great opportunity to stay at home more and try new beauty products, especially the ones that aimed at skin moisturising and protection.

Today I would like to share my opinion regarding 3 Elizabeth Arden products, 2 of them are even cult ones. Not so long ago I’ve reviewed some of the products from their Anti-aging line, but today I will focus on more  multipurpose ones.

I just want to clarify, that in my reviews I’m always honest and objective. Honesty is always my rule number one when it comes to sharing my opinion, as I don’t have perfect skin and before I started my blog I was basing my buying choices on the reviews of certain products. So now I’m just doing what I always wanted to find myself: honest opinion about the products from people who actually tried them and made a conclusion. However, I’m not a doctor or a specialist, so my opinion is always based on the reaction of my skin, my sensations and of course it might vary with your reaction from the same product, cause it all depends on our skin types and concerns. That’s why I always recommend to find samples of any products you want to find and try it first by yourself, so before buying full-sized version of it,  you will be sure that you are not allergic to it or it won’t cause any bad for your skin.

But let’s go back to Elizabeth Arden products. Today I’ll tell you about 2 of the products that belong to their infamous Eight-Hour line and 1 brand new serum that promises to boost natural skin regeneration process. Click on ‘Continue Reading’ to read about my experience.

It’s hard to count how many good reviews and praises I heard about this cream, so the time has come for me to try it by myself.  This skincare classic works to protect, soothe and moisturise wanting skin. With a soothing, anti-inflammatory formula, the cream is perfect for relieving chapped, cracked or dry skin, and helps to smooth roughness and minor skin irritations. Ideal for comforting weather burns, scraps and abrasions. Skin will feel soft, soothed and restored.

I can confirm that there is no better product in the world that would be able to get your face back to life after long flights as quick as this one does. However, it’s not great only for your face, you can use it for your elbows, knees, feet, nails etc.

However, despite fantastic effectiveness of this cream, for me it was hard to use it because of it’s smell. It’s really strong medical fragrance, however, it can be ignored, as the cream actually works.

I would recommend to apply it overnight, because the cream takes quite a long time to absorb and it’s hard not getting greasy after applying it and start touching things. I’ve tried to apply it on my feet and also put my socks on to speed up absorption, and the result was – newborn skin.

Application might be hard if you didn’t read the instruction on the box, the cream reminds me of Vaseline, it’s really thick and has the same colour, so for successful application you will need to warm it between your palms before applying to your face or body.

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In overall, this product does live up to it’s hype, however if you aren’t particularly keen on petroleum/mineral oil in their skincare products and in that case you might want to avoid.

This moisturising lip treatment utilises a super-protective formula to leave lips feeling soft and smooth. Fortified with SPF 15, emollients and antioxidant rich vitamin E, the caring formula provides sun protection whilst softening to reveal healthy, supple lips.

I’ve been using this Lip Cream for ages and for me it’s a perfect product. I’ve always wanted to find lip balm, that won’t have any ice-cremish or strawberrish smell (anything that will remind me of food), or, which is even worse, taste – those kind of things only make the situation worse, as you continue to lick your lips and as a result – they are getting drier and drier. So, this cream is perfect, it doesn’t have any smell at all, it doesn’t have any taste, but it also doesn’t feel as greasy as vaseline on your lips. It absorbs in a matter of seconds and is a perfect base for matt lipsticks.

Absolute must-have!

And the last, but not least – Skin Renewal Serum. Packed with a Probiotics Complex, the serum strengthens the skin’s natural ability to repair and renew skin, restoring a brighter, youthful appearance.

Enriched with sea fennel and flaxseed extracts to maintain the skin’s barrier, whilst glasswort extract locks in moisture and reduces water loss in the surface of skin. The versatile booster can be used before a moisturiser to increase the effectiveness of skincare products or as a refreshing serum

To be honest (as always), I haven’t noticed any dramatic difference in my skin. I’ve been using this serum for a week religiously, however this amount of time might not be enough to see actual results from this product. The first results are promised to be seen after 8 weeks, so I might keep on using it and see what happens after 8 weeks of use.

One thing I know for sure, it really helps the products your apply afterwards to absorb faster, it leave my skin perfectly smooth and radiant. I love using this under my moisturizer. Doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue.

I hope you like my review 🙂 Let me know about your favourite Elizabeth Arden products in the comments section below!