Soft Moment

Dress: AQ AQ | Ring: Accessorize* | Choker: Accessorize* | Hair Piece: Accessorize*

Do you ever wonder “did I change? or is the whole world around me all of a sudden different?”. I am the first one to always claim that our state of mind is key in any situation and that one can live many lives all in one just by shifting the very point of perspective. But understanding that doesn’t always necessarily allow you to experience these different perspectives just so easily. If it was that easy to put our minds to something, we’d all be terribly successful and on top of all our wildest dreams. And yet somehow, we tend to struggle to find the right approach to things. Because being told that the laws of attraction evolve around the idea that you attract the energy you put out there is a great step forward, but it’s not paving the entire path. The path has of course challenging obstacles that lie inevitably within the way, and these are mainly cause by our very own mind.

Even though, we are the ones who create their own happiness, we are also the biggest enemies of ourselves. We are the ones to stop our own selfs from achieving greatness.  The world, society, work, these are all contextual circumstances. Fact is, we really have a choice in almost everything in life. Which makes it pretty simple: we truly make what we want out of it. So what keeps us all away from leading the life of our dreams? Don’t we have all the keys, aren’t we aware of all the theories? Haven’t we read all the books and listened to all the motivational speeches?

The simple thought is, that behind all of the excuses, every day begging to ourselves to start something or to finish, we are one step closer or further from our goal. It’s that simple. What is scary is that we all understand the basics of how it actually works but it never motivates us. Understanding is one. Acting is the other and it is the hardest. While it is comforting to dream about our own future successful self while preparing our strategy comfortably seated on the couch, the whole world is moving and buzzing with innovations and progress being achieved each minute. We are so many on this planet, what if somewhere, there’s someone experiencing the same thing as you and actually gets up from that couch and decides to actually go and act on it without waiting any longer?