Take A Walk With Me

Jardin du Luxembourg

I’ve never thought of Paris as of the city of love. That stereotype has never found a ground in my mind until this Autumn. Until the last weekend, I’ve only seen Paris in a blooming Spring and boiling Summer. I enjoyed all these trips before, but this one was eye-opening because I finally saw the city that inspired so many artists and writers. The city that is filled with love and overflows with romance.

During the whole Eurostar trip, I was almost shaking from the excitement; after we checked in the small, but cute boutique hotel near Arc de Triomphe, it took me 20 minutes to unpack my vast (as per usual) suitcase and get ready for our first location: Jardin du Luxembourg. We stayed in the Latin Quarter during our very first trip to Paris, and it’s still one of my favourite areas, even though I’ve seen many others since then. Our stroll in the gardens was magical, with the golden leaves falling from the trees and creating that crunchy, golden carpet under our feet, these abandoned green chairs that are placed randomly and make you think about who sat on them before you; was it kissing, madly in love couple, was is it an old man reading his daily news?

For our stroll in the gardens, I wore half-structured, half-flowing coat by Flow The Label with my all-time fave mohair H&M jumper and Dr Denim cropped flare jeans. For the shoes, I went for one of the new PROF styles, the nude sock ankle boots, that are of this gorgeous camel/sand colour and look so amazing worn with blue denim. The heel, as always is perfectly comfortable, and let me enjoy the long walk. I love how sexy they look, creating that ‘bare feet’ effect, and how versatile they are, letting you wear them in so many different looks.

My Look

Coat: Flow The Label

Jeans: Dr Denim

Sunglasses: GLASSING

Shoes: Prof 

Jumper: H&M 

Bag: JW Anderson

Earrings: Maria Black