The Lost Oasis

Top: Delphine The Label | Culottes: Topshop | Bag: Chloe | Earring: Misho | Shoes: Ego | Hat: ASOS

So, now, when I am in the comfort of my home and my stable wi-fi connection, it’s time to share my very first Moroccan look with you. It was an amazing trip, filled with a lot of surprises and excitement, I feel super refreshed and already miss these lazy soakings in the sun.

Marrakech is definitely a magical place, a beautiful oasis that looks charming in the pictures and in real life. It’s very saturated, cultural and different. When I planned my looks I wanted to precisely translate my vision of Marrakech through them.

For my first look, I chose this gorgeous mustard top by one of my favourite Australian brands, Delphine The Label, it represents the sunshine that filled our days in Marrakech. It worked perfectly well with Misho spiral hoops that will make any outfit to look editorial-ready.

These white culottes from Topshop were my go-to piece during the whole trip, because they are very comfortable for strolling around the markets and town and also they are not get wrinkled easily, which is always a huge plus when you travel.

Alexander Wang inspired sandals by Ego were my last-minute purchase and they became a perfect final touch to this sunny look. I need to mention that they are extremely comfortable and I’m already thinking about getting myself them in all of the available colours for  the next season (or next travels, who knows where I will find myself in a couple of months), so these are definitely recommended!

Let me know what do you think about my styling decisions in this look!

Love, Lola x