The products I’ve tried | May 2016

As a skincare lover, I have been on the look out for new products by my favourite brands. I’ve finally got to try some new stuff that really impressed me.

I was converted by this cream after first application. It is so light (and smells simply divine – fresh and elegant!). It is ultra-rich despite having such a light whipped texture and instantly restores my dry skin. I especially loved to use it underneath my clothes as it does not leave oily residue and you can wear your clothes without that sticky feeling some creams are guilty of! It claims on the package to contain a blend of antioxidants, Vitamin E and calming Rice Milk, amongst other things. It very lightly smells of cherries and it’s a pleasure to use. It’s clear enough why it’s Rituals best-seller.

I have been trying out the new Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream after I was introduced to the new line at the House of Elemis with a lovely Biotec facial. It has been developed to address the issues caused by depleted cell energy and to turbo-charge the skin to achieve vitality and radiance. Here’s the low-down.

BIOTEC day dream contains zinc and copper to strengthen along with the same trio of acids to balance the skin’s surface. The cream comes in the dual chamber (though pump out simultaneously so there’s no skill required to using!) to maximise the potency of the ingredients and are really easy to use – you can add a serum underneath or SPF on top and can use it around your eyes too.


I have to firstly mention that it smells so gorgeous, it’s exotically fruity – probably the ‘dragon’s blood’ which is said to be from the red sap of the ‘sangre de drago’ tree (literally translated as ‘dragon’s blood’, originally from South America). This is said to provide a protective layer for your skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties, I definitely noticed this working as my skin has calmed down in redness after using it. Working with this is gransil, which supposedly acts as a corrector for skin tone, again, cooling down that redness that tends to appear on my cheeks and chin. This is a great moisturiser for all skin types because the hyaluronic acid works on firming and smoothing the skin whilst the gransil further helps lessen the appearance of lines.
I use only one pump morning and night after cleansing and really spend time working it into my skin, it then absorbs into my skin beautifully. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and my skin is noticeably brighter and firmer. I used to wake up in the morning and my skin would feel oily, a little tacky even. This leaves no film at all and I can feel it getting to work the instant I pop it on.

In order to not confuse you and me, I’ll give a very brief explanation on how it works. Dr. Hauschka doesn’t believe in night creams as night time is for skin regeneration by itself. In short, our skin doesn’t need to be suffocated by the layers of products. All that is needed is cleansing and toner however, Night Serum was created because the brand noticed that some skin needed a little more support.

This water based serum is light but not runny and absorbs into the skin very quickly. One of the best parts about this serum is the scent reminds me of a bed of roses!

Fro someone who doesn’t want to plaster their face with cream at night, this serum is perfect, light and non greasy. It’s especially good for hot summer months!

This is your SPF 30 that not only has a gorgeous hint of colour, but also gives a really lovely coverage to the skin which surprised me. I applied this after my serum and my skin had a lovely, healthy even tone to it. It is a really easy, creamy texture to work with and warms between your fingers and face making it very quick and easy to apply.

I don’t usually go for volumising products on my hair – it’s thick, fluffy texture means that I generally want to reduce the volume rather than increase it.  However after my recent haircut, my hairdresser took a good chunk of weight out of the midlengths, leaving it much less fluffy than usual, and in need of a boost at the roots.  Luckily, I received this spay and gave it a try.

Voluminous Spray is a super lightweight mist with a delicate fragrance.  It’s designed to give volume and body to fine or limp hair, whilst also protecting the hair from heat.  This is a good point – my usual combination of blowdry creams protects my lengths, but I never put them on my roots, which means my roots were sort of unprotected until I started using this product.

Anyway, spritzed into the roots before blow drying, I definitely notice that my hair has lots more volume – if I really emphasise volume by drying my hair in the opposite direction to the way it lays flat, I get some serious bouffe.  Added to my normal styling regime, it’s a more subtle effect (thankfully).  I’m most impressed by the lasting power – my hair stays full all day, and in the morning a bit of a shake through with my fingers at the roots reinvigorates the volume.

7. Lilibeth Of New York Brow Shaper – £13.90

 I’ve lost the photo I made for this brow shaper, but you can see it amongst other products in this post’s header.

It has a steel-coated blade and an adjustable little handle that makes it so easy to shape your brows. Trust me I know how embarrassing those little hairs can be. I hated using hair removal products to try and get rid of the hairs, but this turned out to be the best thing I could have got. It’s really gentle on that sensitive area and even a little exfoliating. I use mine for brows, but you can use it on other areas like, sideburns, toes, neck hair and even arm hair. I personally wouldn’t recommend using it on too big of an area as it will just wear the blade down quicker.