I don’t know what’s the weather like where you are, my dear reader, but in London, it’s been absolutely freezing for a good couple of days already. The edit of the products that I tried in October surprisingly fits our needs for colder months: nourishment, moisture, a splash of colour and a good scent for home.

All of the brands (except Laura Mercier) have been absolutely new to me, so it was definitely exciting to try them all and decide which ones will stay on my shelves and which ones will go.

The scent at my home has always been important to me because it instantly should be associated with the comfort, rest and happiness. That’s the reason why I always been such a fan of expensive scented candles, that don’t smell like a toilet refresher. My love to them started from (of course) Yankee Candles and even though YC have such a huge variety of scents, most of their candles are too sweet and harsh for me. I was looking for the candles that could create a special atmosphere in the room and sometimes even transform my mood.

These two candles from Lumiere are absolutely perfect to me. First of all, their scents are quite complex, you cannot guess the scent with just one try. For example, the black one (Euphoria) is an amazing mix  of spicy pear, fiery cinnamon, clove, vanilla and caramel. The rose gold one (Allure) is an absolute opposite to the ‘Euphoria’, as it’s a mix of  soft and dreamy notes of coconut, mango, caramel, grapefruit and bergamot.

Another great advantage of all Lumiere candles is that they are a hand poured proprietary soy wax blend with pure cotton wicks, allowing them to burn clean from start to finish.

To be 100% prepared for any unexpected weather conditions and to avoid all of the unpleasant beak outs, our skin needs to be nourished and moisturised. The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream  is a gel cream texture with a slightly richer feel than most gel creams I’ve tried. This cream is formulated to deliver 24 hours of intense moisture to normal to dry skin. It is lightweight in the sense it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky film behind. My skin just drinks this stuff up. It contains time-release hydro patches that attract and seal in moisture throughout the day. Hyaluronic acids hydrate and support healthy skin elasticity. Rosewater rose flower oil, and antioxidant vitamin E soothe and nourish. I am really loving how this cream makes my skin feel.

What an Autumn beauty routine without lip care, especially when matte lipsticks and pencils are so trendy, but still damaging for our lips. That Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment is a bestselling lip treatment—and a cult-favorite among all who try it, including Hollywood’s elite—that moisturises, protects, and smooths the lips.

It blends reparative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for delectable and dependable moisture. Sweet and tart black currant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provides protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. It provides essential, year-round protection from damaging UV rays.



IDOIA MONTERO for RMK | Nail & Hand Cream Kit 2016 | Will be released on the 2nd of December 

It’s never too early to start soaking in the festive spirit and RMK’s 2016 Christmas Collection might just be the perfect beauty kit to rein in this coming holiday season.

Not forgetting the assorted friends and family that make up your ‘presents to purchase’ list, RMK has got a limited edition Hand and Nail Cream set bundled in utterly adorable print featuring moon and stars which are perfect for gifting. With three tubes of luxuriant creams in uniquely concocted Lemon Mint, Fruity Floral and Black Vanilla scents, I don’t blame you if you’re tempted to keep one (or all for yourself).
I had a chance to try out that gift set, which consists of 3 kinds of hand creams (40g each) featuring 3 different scents and formulas: Lemon Mint, Fruitty Floral, Black Vanilla, and a nail file. All of the creams are quickly absorbed and leave just a hint of a pleasant scent (my favourite is Black Vanilla). I’m really happy that I got introduced to RMK, because all of their products superb quality and I cannot wait to try more.

I don’t believe there should be just one foundation that you use all year round. Simply because of our skin changes from season to season, and during Autumn and Winter, it needs more nourishment and moisture, than during Summer. I was excited to try that one out because I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about ‘Candleglow’ series and since I’m a huge fan of many Laura Mercier products, I hoped that one will exceed my expectations. Unfortunately, we are not made for each other. My skin is probably the perfect example of combination type and even during colder months Winter and Autumn it still produces quite a lot of oil during the day. I believe this foundation is perfect for someone with extremely dry skin without oily patches, otherwise what was made to be ‘natural glow’ or ‘candleglow’ would look like a simple greasiness.

I believe this foundation would be perfect for someone with extremely dry skin without oily patches, otherwise what is made to be ‘natural glow’ or ‘candleglow’ would look like a simple greasiness on your skin.


RMK Color Lip Gloss | Shades (from the top): 05, 01, 02, 06 | Will be released on the 2nd of December

RMK‘s colour lip gloss is so thick and so glossy, that it creates the plump full-pout lips you crave. A newly designed applicator (a spoon-shaped spatula) allows you to coat your lips to perfection, giving them beautiful fullness and body. All of the shades (01-11) will be released on the 2nd of December and will be available to purchase at Selfridges (UK).

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