Three Elements

New Year has already brought a feeling of satisfaction and a strange harmony to me. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks self-reflecting and analysing on what makes me unhappy and keeps me from feeling 100% good. The things that I realised about myself made me sad because the things that I need to achieve complete harmony are the things that I love the most. I had to partly give up on them in the past year because of my job, constant stress over the deadlines and in overall, because I was spending 99% of my time doing things for other people, rather than for myself.

These things are straightforward: books, exercises and studies. These three elements were an essential part of me since I was fourteen and I’ve been very regular with all of them. Reading three books a week, studying for most of the day (not talking about school subjects, but the areas of my interest) and exercising for at least an hour a day (without membership at the gym, at home, replacing lightweights with bottles of water). These made me feel completed and happy.

Since I moved to the UK, priorities had to change, and I found myself doing things I had to do, rather than things that I wanted to do. I’m not saying, that I wasn’t enjoying my uni days, or jobs or being a full-time blogger for the past four months, I loved almost every second of it, but it wasn’t enough to make me feel satisfied with myself. In fact, I started to feel more ashamed of myself that I don’t find time for these things anymore and a slight hint of depression crawled into my professional life as well, turning into the lack of inspiration & weak creativity flow.

This year I started like many of you, trying to become a better person, I exercise every single day, rolled in a 30-day yoga programme that will hopefully, will help me to create a new beautiful habit. I almost finished my 1st book of the year, and I already completed 5 hours of Spanish course. And suddenly, I realised that I always had time for all this, I was just making up different excuses and spent my free time doing nothing of what could actually help me to relax (like yoga) or recharge my creative juices (sounds weird, but I’m talking about the books here). I really hope that these are the small steps towards the right direction 🌟

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